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    Eliminate zombie employees

    I am trying to create a simple productivity metric to show how many invoices per AP clerk we process each month. In simplified terms Invoice Count:= DISTINCTCOUNT([Invoice Number]) FTE Count:= DISTINCTCOUNT([User ID]) Invoice per Clerk:= DIVIDE([Invoice Count], [FTE Count]) But... we have...
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    Hi Would appreciate any help with this GETPIVOTDATA, I need to make it dynamic, and link &[2.018E3] to a year in a cell and&[1.] to week in a cell. I've tried a few things but nothing is working. =GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].[MP Count]",'[3Data.xlsx]ATT ENT'!$A$4,"[Subscriptions].[Attend...
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    SumIf Formula with Multiple Criteria

    I'm trying to create a Sumif formula that contains multiple 'ifs'. I was able to do this using the formula I pasted below but my "Type" field has grown to be too many different options and now my expression is too long for Access to handle so I need to consolidate this somehow while still...

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