count unique numbers

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    Count unique values in data range

    Hi all, I am building a big financial report, have a list of customer (per item) transactions. So if a customer bought a chair and a table their ID will show twice. Now I need to find the number "active customers" for every month but using "Table[range]" so that it will continue using dynamic...
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    Seems so easy

    I have a few thousand rows of daily data that show receipts against Purchase orders. I need to report the number of transactions as well as the number of PO's those transactions were recordered against. Basicly I need to report the number of different numbers an an array of cells. The correct...
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    Count event occurance in craps.

    I am looking for an equation that would to count the number 7 rolled before the point is established in a series of craps rolls For example, the following rolls occurred Roll 1 3 7 11 12 3 7 4 6 4 Roll 2 7 7 8 9 10 9 I want to count the number of 7 rolled before the point is...
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    Counting unique values multiple conditions

    I have a lot of invoice numbers that I need to count. Some are associated with a Purchase order number (in some cases multiple occurances of the same invoice number are associated with one purchase order and sometimes it is different invoices associated with a purchase order number.) First, I...

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