1. S

    Count chartbjects from multiple sheets in a excel file

    I have 3 charts in three different sheets in excel workbook. I want to count the number of charts present in excel workbook. I have tried activesheet.chartobjects.count It gives the count of charts present in that particular sheet. Can anyone has solution to count all the charts present across...
  2. A

    Count for multiple categories

    Hi Experts! I need to fill in the count of the following clients: Category ClientA ClientB ClientC Medical Dental Vision Here is the source data: Client Category ClientA Medical ClientA Dental ClientB Vision ClientC Dental What should I do?
  3. S

    Count Areas with a formula

    I am trying to count areas with a formula. Please see below. Thanks in advance! <style type="text/css"> table.tableizer-table { font-size: 12px; border: 1px solid #CCC ; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } .tableizer-table td { padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px...
  4. M

    COUNT Cells

    I have 2 columns on Sheet 2 In column 1 it says Mon all the way down to A10 Then Tues for a few more cells below, then Weds for a few cells and so on. The list is sorted in order To the right in Column B some cells have numbers in them and some are blank On Sheet 1 I want a summary, so it...
  5. S

    COUNTIFS(AND( help

  6. L

    CountIf True

    =COUNTIF(Data[Column1],TRUE) I have the above mention formula but i want to modify it to add that if Counts of Assets in BU is blank dont count the true now is counting 1,221 but it should be 1177
  7. A

    Formlua Help

    Hi, I need help writing what I think should be an easy formula. I am trying to get a count of people based on their department. The column that I want to count is located in Column AM. I need a formula that will count the number of entries that contains the department's name (ex. Human...
  8. L

    Count if Date Matches

    =COUNT(Raw_Data[Week],44,Raw_Data[Region]) How can i change the above formula to count if the date under the header name Date in sheet Raw_Data matches the date in D2 or withing the week of the date under the calculation Sheet and the if the header named Count of assets in BU have data (if...
  9. K

    Count data between dates

    Hello Folks , I am working on a file where in i am setting control limits "Upper Control Limit" and "Lower Control Limit" Sheet is working fine for me however need a small logic to be build in the below formula . =COUNTA(C24:C$523) In the above Formula "C24:C523 is the range where Dates are...
  10. J

    Count multiple worksheets qty of rows

    Hi, I have a number of workbooks, named by date they were created, and need a summary of how many rows each workbook has. Thanks Jon
  11. S

    sumproduct - multiple criteria that includes partial text

    Hi I have a table of data with many rows an columns and I'm trying to count the number of records that meet numerous criteria. I've managed to get a lot of it to work but am stuck when it comes to one field that contains one or more partial string elements. My current formula is: -...
  12. K

    Capturing Instances

    Hello Folks , I have Column A in which Id's are given.In Column B i need to count the Instances how many times a particular ID has occurred. I can do this with Count If Formula however by this way it with give me data like below <colgroup><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Case Number Count...
  13. L

    count if doubling results

    Hi, It may be the time of night, but i can't for the life of me figure out how to stop my formula from doubling some results. The formula i am using is =COUNTIF(W251:W273,"*O*")+COUNTIF(W251:W273,"*+*") The formula is to count how many overtime shifts are being worked that day. The cell will...
  14. B

    Rank and Count Formula

    I'm trying to create a formula that will rank and count responses to survey data that will summarize the top 5 in the format below. The data will be structured similar to the table below with new responses being added to the bottom of the table continually. For this example, the data is in...
  15. J

    count the number of columns before the active column

    Hi all. I'm trying to find the correct excel VBA code to count the number of columns in a named range, from the start of the range up to and including the current active cell location and return that value to a specific cell. Example: "mynamedrange" is columns AA thru AZ and the current active...
  16. M

    Compare and count similarities 2 measures

    Hi Guys, I cant get this done and some help would be awesome. I've got 2 measures. 1st measure calculates count of ID's based on certain filters 2nd measure does the same I want to know if there are same ID's in both measures and count the similarities. I already tried to do something...
  17. L

    Sumproduct Isnumber Search is returning same result for different values

    ​Hello - I utilizing a formula that is intended to count the number of visible entries in a table that meets multiple criteria utilizing Sumproduct, Isnumber, and Search. However; I have just realized that in some instances the formula is including results it should not. For example, in the...
  18. K

    Count number of times a cell reference appears within formulae in a range

    Hi Guys, In each of cells G85:96 I have a simple CountA formula like these: in G85 =COUNTA(B21,B43,B44,B45) in G85 =COUNTA(B21,B32,B44,B51) which I have manually selected those cells in column B. What I'd like to do in say H21 is have a count of the times that cell B21 appears in...
  19. D

    count rows down in column from blank to blank

    is there a function that I can insert that will count the # of rows containing data, counting downward until finding a blank row? im using a vba script that builds the data and I i could insert somekind of function if there is one (perhaps?) the data looks like this...
  20. M

    Modified code not working, as expected

    Hi I added the indirect function to a formula in VBA, but the macro stops at the 'activecell.formula' line below. I suspect that it's because the VBA editor doesn't like one of the inverted commas? Can anyone spot the issue here, please? The sample data this runs on is below: Sheet 1...

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