1. R

    How do I calculate cell values or contents in Excel?

    I want to count how many employees are late using the COUNTA formula but the formula in Excel also counts. This is a example:
  2. E

    Adjacent Non Blank Cells

    Hello, I have the data set below and am looking for a formula that will identify instances where there are six or more non blank, adjacent cells in a row. I've tried various forms of using counta with no success. Thank you in advance. ABCDEFGHIJKLM1Sum of ShiftMonths2Row...
  3. A

    Random generated value inside grid.

    I have a 10x10 grid from A1:J10 and want to generate a 'x' in the cells in a random order, based off the below criteria, almost like a reverse COUNTA() function. - Each row and each column has 4 'x' in it. - The placement of those 'x' are random. Something similar to the below grid, but with...
  4. G

    VBA CountA entire column using column index?

    In VBA, is possible to count non-empty cells in a column given column index? Something like this but using 6 as input instead of F n = WorksheetFunction.CountA(Range("F:F")) What I can think of is to make very long array of possible alphabets, but it doesn't look good. ColNames =...
  5. D

    COUNTA + UNIQUE + FILTER returning 1 instead of 0, IFERROR not working

    Hello! I need to count unique values based on two criteria and this is the formula I've come up with. It successfully gets what I want, EXCEPT it returns a 1 when it should be returning a 0. I tried adding in an IFERROR function so that it doesn't count any #N/A's that the FILTER function...
  6. C

    Formating cell

    Hi, is it possible to format a certain cell as blank? For example , I want the Somewhat Agree to become blank when i use the COUNTA function.
  7. D

    Counta & Countifs in VBA

    Hello all, I love using excel but really struggle with VBA - very hard to teach yourself - I am in the process of it. Anyway, would anyone please be able to re-write the below formulas into VBA so I can assign and run them all with one button click. Also can you please let me know the best...
  8. H


    Hello Friends, I am new to VBA and i have trying to set a code up that does the following. If values are entered in any given row of column F. all the columns in that given row will be locked and protected. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Set Rng = Range("F2:F999999") If...
  9. L

    COUNTA (with countif) with OR condition

    Hello, You may remember me from before, I was helped to full through three different attendance types. It works lovely and I'm still trying to understand it... haha... I've come into another road bump. I had somehow figured out how to do countif with counta (I did it in a trance and was...
  10. D

    "Blank" cells that are not really blank

    Hello, I have a large batch of data that, once generated has some blank cells in it. I am attempting to count a column of the data, using the COUNTA function, to count the number of cells that have content in them. Upon doing this, however, I realized that the COUNTA function was counting...
  11. L

    CountA issues

    Using COUNTA to exclude blanks – having issues I have a spreadsheet that has 101 rows of data (First row contains column headings) Column B is a text field. There are four blank cells, so the correct count is 96. =COUNTA(B2:B101) returns 96 =COUNTA(B:B) returns 98 =COUNTA(RGIndex!Authors)...
  12. S

    CountA with a Dynamic Range

    I am trying to determine the number of active months for personnel on a rolling 12 month basis. This is the formula I'm currently using but am getting an incorrect result value. I'm new to offset so I know I must be missing something simple. =COUNTA(OFFSET(D2,0,COUNTA(D2:AA2),1,-12))
  13. A

    Dynamic range name when it starts in a row > 1? Counta() does not work for me!

    Excel friends, I would like to setup a dynamic range name for B9:C20. I have tried out too many online examples using Counta(), but those examples do not work for me. B9:C20 starts in row 9, and it is two columns wide. Variations of this formula do not work for me...
  14. V

    VBA Code for Inserting Rows Based on Cell Value

    Hello all, I am trying to create a macro that will perform some very basic formatting. Essentially, I have a dynamic list of records that I want to display under relevant headers. I'm using a counta formula to determine how many records exist under each category. I then need the macro to insert...
  15. R

    Counta with If

    For whatever reason, I'm drawing blanks on this one. I'm currently using =COUNTA(tblCourses[Name]) to count the number of courses I have. I had to add a column to my table, tblCourses[State] and I intend to type "Inactive" if the course is no longer available. How could I modify the counta...
  16. C

    Dynamic Name Range (Blank Cells) / OFFSET & COUNTA #VALUE! Error

    Good afternoonall, First off, apologies in advance for the long post and maybe long windedexplanation. I have asummary which was created using a combination of SUMPRODUCT, MATCH & ROWfunctions with the good help of Marcelo Branco - This works fine and theresults are as expected. However, I...
  17. B

    VBA Worksheet Function CountA using Dynamic Range

    Needing some help using the the CountA Worksheet function in VBA Currently my code runs and the active cell is BG2 (BG IS COLUMN 58) I then want to count the number of non blank cells from BF2:B2 then I want the active cell to go to the next cell down to BG3 then count the number of non blank...
  18. I

    I need URGENT Help

    <tbody> Group 1 P Group 1<strike></strike> A Group 2 P Group 3 A Group 3 A Group 1 P Group 2 A Group 3 P Group 2 P Group 1 A </tbody> I need Results, i have 1000 rows for 15 groups <tbody> Group No Count(P) Count(A) Group 1 2 2 Group 2 Group 3...
  19. C

    Counting the Dates in one column if the value in another column is "X".

    I've tried every formula I could find online and in Excel help. I have a spreadsheet with many columns. Column B contains business tracks; QTD, ATM, PLM, etc. Column I contains the dates new items where added to the spreadsheet for each business track. Their may be as many items listed for QTD...
  20. H

    CountA multiple columns no duplicate counts

    Hey Guru's!! I've done a counta =COUNTA(L4:M10000) which gives me every cell with data. but ....... I also need unique's in that if L4 and M4 both have data it's only counted once? I know it's going to be something simple that i'll smack my forehead in shame for after but you guys always...

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