countif w/ cell criteria

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    Counting # of times a word appears when associated with name and date range

    Hello I'm looking to count how many times the word "forced release" appears when associated with a certain name within a date range. Name range is in column "A" Date range is in column "B" The Status name is in column "D" The date range i want to set is in column M1 and N1 please help...
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    Count the non blank cells in a row occurring after a ">0" value between two dates

    I have been provided the daily sales data to track the post price revision performance of a product in different areas with different launch dates, now I've to calculate the no. of visits of the salesperson after the launch, that means I want to count the non blank cells occurring after the ">0"...
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    incorperate countif( into a formula range

    Hi Everyone, I want to incorperate a countif into a forumla range. e.g. in column A we have v1,2,3,4,5, or 6. countif(v1) returns 84. so, in column B we then want to say countif(F23:F(23+84),">0"), therefore counting how many entries in column B are greater than 0 that are also in the...
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    Countif help

    I have a document that has a range of values. I want to be able to complete a countif scenario where I can count all the values less than the median (varies as you move from result sets). I have to do this across several categories, so I would like to paste this formula without having to adjust...

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