1. D

    Countif formula not working if used the same range as the data it is searching for

    Hi, This is my formula: =COUNTIF(range,"=*Y*"); also tried =COUNTIF(range,"*Y*"); and =COUNTIF(range,"Y"). Goal: trying to count the number of "Y"s within the cell range Problem: Formula works only if I enter it outside of the range within the formula i.e if I want to find all Ys within the...
  2. S

    Countif returning incorrect value

    Hi, I have a sheet where I have combinations of numbers and want to count occurences of these sets. The numbers are in Number Dash Number format eg 1-7 However I just did some checking and the countifs are returning incorrect values. All of the sets are in text format as otherwise it converts...
  3. A

    COUNTIF, MATCH, and OFFSET in Array

    Hi all, I hoping for some advice here. I am trying to calculate the success rate of members of staff. I have each student's score in a number of subjects (A2:J6) and there teacher for each subject (L:U) I want to COUNT the total number of student scores over a certain amount (e.g. >5) for the...
  4. F

    Countif with filters

    Hey guys, I've been trying to use a countif expression that allows me to check for misplaced data, which is pretty easy, however it becomes a lot more tricky when i try to make that same data respond to filters. This is the expression i have used so far COUNTIFS('A...
  5. L

    CountIf True

    =COUNTIF(Data[Column1],TRUE) I have the above mention formula but i want to modify it to add that if Counts of Assets in BU is blank dont count the true now is counting 1,221 but it should be 1177
  6. D

    How to count SPECIFIC text characters with a range of cells

    Hey guys, Can someone assist me in writing a formula for counting how many "I" are in a range of cells. For example I have a range of cells B11:AF12 that have different letters in it to identify the kind of Lead Source we receive. "I" represents Internet. I need to find out how many I's are in...
  7. D

    Combining SUMPRODUCT & COUNTIF with multiple criteria in sigle column

    I have a table which has a column containing job status (e.g. live, dead, invoiced etc) and a separate column with a job fee and a third column with a Sub Fee. I have used:- =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(TabJobs[Current Job...
  8. E

    Countif with Index on a Pivot Table

    Pulling off Pivot Table example: <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> </tbody> <tbody> Part Number Company 1 Company2 part 1 60 61 part 2 50 52 part 3 40 60 </tbody> Looking to do a countif on the entire row based on the part number with greater than or equal to 50. So...
  9. L


    Hello Guys. A quick and simple question (too difficult for me though). I have a column with dates (Column A). I need to count the number of records that are from the certain year (YEAR formula) and certain week (WEENNUM) without using any additional calculation columns (file is big, a lot of...
  10. L

    COUNTA (with countif) with OR condition

    Hello, You may remember me from before, I was helped to full through three different attendance types. It works lovely and I'm still trying to understand it... haha... I've come into another road bump. I had somehow figured out how to do countif with counta (I did it in a trance and was...
  11. B


    I need to edit the code below so it stops counting when it hits 0. SUggestions? =COUNTIF(K5:K29,"<=30")
  12. S

    COUNTIF in array formula isn't allowed, while COUNT is. Why ?

    Can you please help me find a way around Can't figure out why this one working: {=COUNT(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(List,E522))*(ROW(List)-1))} Which evaluates in something like COUNT({2,4,6,2}). And it results in 4 Now I want to count only 2. So I use...
  13. C

    Countif percentage of cell containing text or if statement to produce value in specific cells

    Hi there! I am trying to calculate the average of cells based on text criteria. I have to use the same column for the data I'm pulling, however, for each value I need, it requires a different set of cells within that column and I cannot get the formula to work if I don't use the whole range...
  14. N

    COUNTIF for a word within a phrase

    I'm trying to count the number of times a word appears within a phrase. Each row lists an action taken by an agent (i.e. Policy: Transfer / Sellers). I'm trying to use COUNTIF to count how many of the row contain a specific word, like "Transfer" but it keeps giving the result as zero. I...
  15. A

    Countif in power query

    Hello How do I execute the following code in Power Query? =IF(COUNTIF($B$2:B2,B2)=1,1,0)
  16. M

    Count If

    sheet 1 Column M has if statement that shows days outstanding, =IF([@Status]="",TODAY()-[@[Date Back Charge Issued]],"") which works perfect, now on sheet 3 I want count how many instances in column M are between 0-60, there are 6 instances but it tells me there is 30, when I use formula...
  17. L

    Countif formula returning the same results for entire data range that start with a prefix of < >

    Hello! I'm building a dashboard and using “COUNTIF” to simply count the number of times a complaint isowned by a particular person or process… The issue I’m having is new ownershave been added to the data and the begin with < or > for example <over font="" old<="" 5years=""></over>...
  18. B

    Count occurrences of text within cells - not exact match

    Hi, I have a number of lists with various versions of same items but want to count key parts of text within cell. For example: Column A Back bacon Smoked bacon Rindless bacon I would use countif(A:A,"*bacon*") to return the value 3. However I want to take this a step further and have a cell...
  19. L

    Formula to Find matching Absolute Values in a Range of Dates?

    Hi Everyone, I've been developing a project for work that will analyse bank accounts to determine the value of a project. The problem is some of our projects have inter-account transactions. In order to determine the proper worth of the project we have to find any transfers between the...
  20. angeloudaki

    countif cell contains less than 6 characters, or contains digits

    How do I count a cell if it contains less than 5 characters, or contains digits (even if mixed with letters)? After data transfer, I have a list - some are email addresses, some usernames, some random text. I want to filter these to username which are less than 6 characters (for example) so us...

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