1. N

    Day or Arrival, Plus 2

    I am trying to build a formula in excel that will compare two dates. I am using =NETWORKDAYS formula to calculate the number of days in between, and that is working great. My problem is, in Cell C1, I am entering a date of arrival. What I need is: If the arrival date is a workday, then it...
  2. D

    Help me Excel Community

    Hey Team, I've developed a dashboard but have come across one error and I am hoping someone out there can help me! By using VBA code, I have columns which allows for multiple items in a drop-down list e.g. column A has the option to select Apple, Orange, Banana. Is there a way to produce a...
  3. L

    Unique Text Values and Counts

    Can someone help me build a list with unique text values as well as counts? I would love for them to update as i update my spreadsheet. I think the INDEX MATCH formula and CountIF function would suffice but I am not sure how to set it up. I am jsut looking to categorize unique business...
  4. darrenmccoy

    Count Staff and Rating value totals - Formula help

    Can you guys help me work out the formulas to calculate the totals of each value that each staff member has? This example shows the count of the staff name appearing in Cloumn C and D, the the total times the Rating value appears against each staff name. I have 42,000 records to run this over...
  5. B

    Sumif no duplicates

    IÂ’m looking for a formula that counts how many A, B, C, etc. there are but if there is a duplicate value in column B it only counts it as one. Title should be countif <tbody> A 100 A 200 B 300 C 200 B 300 B 200 C 400 C 200 A 100 B 300 </tbody> So it will look like this...
  6. C

    Countif where cells contain a colour or colours

    Is there a way to conduct a countif function where it only counts the cells that contain a colour or counts all cells but deducts the number of cells containing a particular colour, grey for example. ie in cell e19:f19 (merged cells) I want to count the number of cells that do not have the fill...
  7. I

    I need URGENT Help

    <tbody> Group 1 P Group 1<strike></strike> A Group 2 P Group 3 A Group 3 A Group 1 P Group 2 A Group 3 P Group 2 P Group 1 A </tbody> I need Results, i have 1000 rows for 15 groups <tbody> Group No Count(P) Count(A) Group 1 2 2 Group 2 Group 3...
  8. K

    Count each character after breakout

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Data are in columns C:D I want to count each character 1, X or 2 after each breakout when columns C=1 & D=1 in the same row</SPAN></SPAN> For example when in the both columns in the same row find 1 & 1 do count of 1, X, 2 in the column "C" in...
  9. C

    Resize a pivot table that has a distiinct counts field

    How do I resize a pivot table that uses distinct counts
  10. S

    Counting cells within given date range

    I've attached an image below that should help with this question. I have two columns with a start date and end date (columns H and I), and column J counts all dates in column B between the given dates. Here is the formula in cell J3: =SUMPRODUCT((B:B>=$H3)*(B:B<=$I3)) I am looking to have...
  11. J

    Summarize amounts and record counts from multiple tables

    Good morning; I have a data model that connects to about 10 tables Is there a way to create a summary spreadsheet that shows total amounts and record counts for each of the tables? Thanks
  12. T

    Count # times a word is in a column but its not the only word in the cell

    Hi Everyone, I want a formula that can count the number of time "HI" is in columnB but its with other words in some cells so It might just be "Hi" or "Hi, High, Tell, Sell," I tryied this but it finds other words with HI in them and counts them as well any ideas...
  13. N

    Excel Forecasting

    Hi guys, I am new to excel and can use some help. I have a table that tracks frequency counts, by date, for client behavior occurrences. So, in column A, I have all the dates for 2018, in column B, C, D, etc...are the different behaviors where I have the counts for each behavior, each day...
  14. S

    Multiple COUNTIFS dependent on Cell COntents

    I have the following code =IF(Master!M:M="",COUNTIFS(Master!L:L,">"&(TODAY()+30),Master!L:L,"<>2958465",Master!O:O,"<>*Rejected*",Master!O:O,"<>*Completed*", Master!C:C,"<>",Master!F:F,"<>BI"),"") What I need to do is have the above code, what I now need it to do is if there is a value in...
  15. K

    counts of values before change in value

    hello, i have a list, example, a , b , b , a , a , e , a i want to get the individual counts of a value before a change in value. if i use "count", it simply gives me a=4. another issue is that the value "a" appears again later in the list. i want the output to be, a,1 b,2 a,2 e,1...
  16. E

    COUNTIFS not counting (not a TRIM issue)

    Hello Everyone, I'm using a COUNTIF function to count the number of times a particular organization name appears =COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'Data Fields'!$E$"&$B$2&":$E$"&$C$2),E60) This formula counts correctly and calls the organization name from a list on a different sheet. The output from this...
  17. C

    Calculating a garde with portions weighted differently.

    This should be easy, but I keep messing it up. The quizzes in a class I'm teaching add up to 60% of the grade. The exam counts for 40 percent. Suggest a formula? Student has a 65 average for the quiz portion, 36 for the exam. Thanks in advance.
  18. A

    countifs multiple criteria

    I'm trying to convert a countifs that currently counts non-unique values into one that counts unique values. The non-unique formula: =COUNTIFS('FULL RAW'!$H:$H,'Summary - Non Unique Counts'!$A6,'FULL RAW'!$D:$D,"B",'FULL RAW'!$T:$T,"Yes",'FULL RAW'!$P:$P,"High") How do I convert that into one...
  19. M

    Capturing Dynamic Data in Historical Table for Trending - Help Please!

    I'm in need of help with a method to capture dynamic data and then associate it with a date in a separate table so I can build a trend chart. Some explanation... by dynamic data I mean, I have an inventory report generated daily. I import this report into Excel which then evaluates the data...
  20. P

    VBA help - Count Prime Numbers

    I have created a function PRIME(n) with Boolean output to check if a number is prime or not I am now looking to create a function that counts the prime numbers between two numbers n1 and n2 Help much appreciated!

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