1. R

    VBA - De-duplicating columns, pasting vertical values horizontally

    Hello all, I hope this is a nice simple fix but I can't work it out. I have two sheets P - Paste and F - Front On Paste sheet, the four relevant columns are: <tbody> C M N Q 1 Advert Code Paper Name Template Size 2 Holland Cruise RT Kent Courier - Mon 16x5 3 France Beach RT Kent...
  2. A

    Vba code to rearrange data

    Hi All i have this "table" in sheet1 starts in cell A1 the mumber of rows will increase substantially as there other costs apart from Postage and courier <tbody> <tbody> OTHER FIXED COSTS TABLE </tbody> <tbody> Jan-18 </tbody> <tbody> Feb-18 </tbody> <tbody> Mar-18...
  3. B

    Help Required - Upcoming Courier notifications

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone on the forum can help me with a pet project? Im looking to create a spreadsheet with courier delivery times, and have a pop up notification when a courier is due. I can visualise how it will look, with 2 columns of delivery time, and courier name/delivery...
  4. M

    Well-used simple macro suddenly goes wrong

    EXcel 2003. I run a macro each day as I have for many months, on a large sheet, 15,000 rows, 50 columns. It just reformats the text, changes the width of columns, adds a bit of conditional formatting etc., nothing sophisticated. The sheet is generated overnight from a SQL database. Yesterday...

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