1. R

    Optimize UDF - Cell Color Counter - VBA

    I have a workbook with a main control sheet and 40-50 different data sheets that are copy/paste valued into the file from an external source (each sheet has anywhere from 30 to 500 rows and 10 to 100 columns with data). The purpose of the workbook is to compare cells in various data sheet...
  2. S

    Conditional format, count cells, formula is , cannot use Cpearson's Active Condition fcn

    Hello, I've been searching to see if the question I'm about to ask has been solved but so far haven't found an answer. I thought I could use this: http://www.cpearson.com/excel/colors.aspx He says: NOTE: ActiveCondition may result in an inaccurate result if the following are true: You are...

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