1. S

    macro greyed out (while others are ok)

    I have a worksheet with a number of macros. some of them allow me to run them or edit them. but some dont have that option. thes are saved to the individual workbook. Basically when I pull up my ist of macros, I can run some but not others. Pleas help me understand why some of these are...
  2. V

    How to create folder in desktop with vba whenever the excel book is opened, if exist, ignore?

    How to create folder in desktop with vba whenever the excel book is opened, if exist, ignore. Message if create new folder, silent if the folder exist. I have the code to create folder on desktop
  3. G

    Power Pivot guidance - data structure and avoiding many-many relationships

    Hello, I’m looking for some guidance on how to build my data set, so I can effectively use Power Pivot to present my results. In my attempts so far, I have come up against the challenge of many to many relationships when trying to create relationships between my tables. I have tried to create...
  4. P

    VBA to create, place and name Shape from Values in cells

    Hi, I need help with this: In cells A1:A6 I have Name of Shape In B1:B6 I have refference to another cell in form D2 in cell B1 , E3 in cell B2 , C6 in cell B3 and so on. I need to create multiple Circular Shapes named after A1:A6 and placed into refference cells, which is in B1:B6 and loop...
  5. V

    Turning 1 workbook link into a table

    I have 200 links to different workbooks that I need to turn into tables/data. =+'[File1]Sheet1'!E1 =+'[File2]Sheet1'!E1 =+'[File3]Sheet1'!E1 ... =+'[File200]Sheet1'!E1 I...
  6. Pinaceous

    VBA If statement

    Dear All, I have two dates, where I'd like a message box to pop, if the dates are between this criteria. sDate1 = #10/1/2019# sDate2 = #9/30/2020# How would I create the following? If date is between sDate1 & sDate2 Then...
  7. M

    VBA create string array

    Hi Guys I have 3 columns A2:C10 where i put an Id in ie 12345 now some cells could have blanks, an Id or multiple Ids separated by a comma what i want to be able to do is if the cell has an id or multiple ids then create a string like this <found> for some reason its lost my string concat it...
  8. L

    How do i create this DAX table in Power Query

    I every one, i have a problem... I have created a table in dax, like this NISCountLT2 = SUMMARIZECOLUMNS(LT2[ID]; "Total"; COUNT(LT2[ID])) to count repeated IDs then i use this code to create a column with ranges for the report Bucket Range = SWITCH( TRUE(); NISCountLT2[Total]=1;"1"...
  9. M

    Name manager - adding data manually as reference

    Hello, Normally we create named ranges by referring to excel lists - we select the data range that is located in certain cells in worksheets. I tried to create named ranges by manually adding data to "refer to" part. But it didn't work - all the data that I added appeared in one cell, so not...
  10. D

    Count cell between dates by user

    Hello all, I have a tricky problem that I can't solve, and I would like help from more experienced people. I have a gantt chart to show the progress of tasks by user. Bar colors are made by conditional formatting, but each cell that is painted also has a value of "1" (while unpainted cells...
  11. L

    creating a new sheet in different workbook

    Hi The code below is working. I have 2 workbooks. Workbooks(1) has the code. When the user enter x = 2 the code below will create a worksheet in Workbooks(2) after worksheets(1). It is working but I wonder, in line 4, why I did not have to do this Workbooks(x).Worksheets.Add...
  12. R

    Replicate SUMPRODUCT in VBA to create UDF which is much shorter to simplify appearance of formulae

    Hello, I would like to know how to create a UDF in VBA that replicates a SUMPRODUCT formula. Is this possible and how can I do it? I am new to VBA so not familiar enough with the code to create this myself. For example - UDF - HO() = SUMPRODUCT((Item Index range=X)*(Date Index...
  13. R

    Power Query - Re-merge a column

    I am pretty new to Power Query so please be gentle! I have a table with 2 column's from a database. The first column is a Parent recipe, the second column is a Child recipe. Recipes will be found in both columns so no unique records. Example: PR CR A B C B D C E...
  14. L

    short cut for custom formatting

    Hi I want to Right click on group of cells --> Format Cell --> Custom --> [h]:mm So it is 3-4 click and I want to do that alot. Can I create a short cut to do these 3-4 steps in one click for example. Or Can I create a link in QAT area. Thank you very much.
  15. T

    Create tabs for each name in horrizontal list and add there data

    Hi Everyone, I have data I want to split up into clients names. In range K5:"Last column" & 5 I have a list of clients names I want to create a tab for each client and add there data to that page but I have a umber of problems please help if you can? So for each name I want to create a tab...
  16. S

    create files with contact information list

    Hello, I have a list of contact information and a template to transfer it to. Information that has become a row will go to a fixed place in the template. how can we create a copy code for this? creating a copy of the existing template file in accordance with the number in column B would be...
  17. S

    How to create a folder in an specific directory with the name on specific cell?

    Hello, I am trying to create a code that allows me to create a folder in an specific directory with folder name on textbox1 and if this folder is already created in that directory, it does not allow to create another with the same name. As I am very new to Excel VBA, can you please help me...
  18. S

    Formula for detecting a sheet

    I have this formula that I've got working IF the sheet "Arrival" already exists. However, would would I go about using this if Arrival doesn't exist? I know how I could create it with vba but trying to figure out how to do it with a formula. Thanks
  19. J

    VBA UserForm with Check Box

    I am trying to create a pretty simple UserForm that will contain 4-10 choices that I want end users to select all that apply and then create a text string based on their input. I have browsed the web but nothing seems really clear to me. Can anyone point me towards resources/step-by-step...
  20. S

    Adding new Geographical Boundries to Excel Map

    Hi, I would like to add an LGA map on top to create new geographical boundries and names. Eg. an Local Government Area can be a combination of more than one or multiple postcode. I have downloaded the shape files from government websites but I am unable to create custom region maps as per...

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