1. J

    live spreadsheet that is visible and changeable on a net work

    I want to know 1) if it is possible, 2) how to create a spreadsheet that is always "live". I want to create a job priority list that i can update and then other employees on the network can have it open and see what was added, if they add notes or sign off completed i want to be able to see it...
  2. T

    Create database from SQL script or multiple tables with SQL script

    First off, I am an Access newbie. I have a DDL SQL query script that creates many different tables in a database. But, all I can find is a make table query that only works one table at a time. So, my first question is how do a create a database's tables from one DDL SQL script? Second...
  3. S

    Multiple Reset Buttons

    I have created an Active x control reset button on a worksheet to clear certain cells. I have tried to create another reset button, yet when I do, it has the same cells listed to clear, but doesn't work. And when I make changes to one button, it changes the contents of both. How can I create...
  4. T

    Can you make a word equal a number?

    I've tried to google this repeatedly and I don't know if I'm using the wrong wording or what but I can't find anything. I get a set of names every month that have a corresponding number. Is there a way to create a table or something where excel can convert the name to the number?
  5. M

    Maintenance Downtime Tracker

    Hello, First off I would like to say I am very new to macros and VBA in excel. I am trying to create a database that will log and track when our equipment is taken out of service and back in service. I would like for when my techs take a forklift out of service they click on the lift number...
  6. G


    Hello, I want to create a hyperlink to a website from a button in Sheet 1, the address for the website with the required filter details is in Sheet 4, range A14. I have copied the address and it loads the correct details, I cant however find an option to create a hyperlink referencing a cell...
  7. M

    Error in Excel macro for taking backup of excel sheet

    I am looking to create backup of the current workbook. The steps are as follows: 1. an excel file is opened 2. I am running be below code to create back up of the file 3. the file should create folder named "Export" if not already there 4. the file should create sub-folder named "Back up" in the...
  8. L

    Power Query Nest If Statement

    I need to create a nested if statement as a custom column using the Month column (3 letter abbreviation) to create a an integer for each month like below. How would I create this nested if statement? Jan = 1 Feb= 2 Mar = 3 May = 4 Jun = 5
  9. C

    Search a column find a value and create a message box

    Good evening, I have a question that I am sure will be simple for many; I was provided this to search a sheet in excel and find a value less than zero and create a msgbox. Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If Me.Range("$K$14").Value<0 Then_ MsgBox "Value can not be negative" End Sub This...
  10. W

    Create event to run multiple Macro's

    Hello, I'm using Excel now for a long time for the company I work for and of recently i started to experiment with macro's to do the tedious work of copying and pasting the first 10 rows of my sheet whenever I run out of space on my first printable area I would really like to have an automated...
  11. S

    Pivot Table - Reference a column/Field not display

    Hello, Just curious if there's a way to create a outside the pivot table to reference back to column from the table not being display? i Know that you can probably hide the column in the pivot table or create a helper column in the original table. Thanks
  12. J

    Trying to create pivot table and split Subtotals to separate sheets

    Hi Team, Can you please help create a VB which is helpful in creating pivot table and also details for each sub total in separate worksheet . Sub totals from pivot table must be moved to new worksheet of same workbook. kindly help.
  13. S

    using if/ or and countblank together.

    Hi, I want to create a formula for a spreadsheet at work and i'm a complete ludite, so need help! My dilema is the following; When an invoice is 15 days before todays date, I want to create a formula to say it has become overdue. I have done this by making an IF statement. IF(D11-15<...
  14. L

    Naming charts

    Hello guys, im creating visual representation of my data, and i want to create charts. The code to create the chart is: Range("T1:T32,V1:V32,X1:X32").Select ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddChart2(201, xlColumnClustered).Select ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Range( _...
  15. M

    Count if across tabs

    I have a workbook with 52 tabs all identical in layout Example I am trying to create a formula that will look at cell D2 in each tab (except the one i am in) and count if the cell = 'x' is it is easy to do this or do I need to create a megaformula
  16. N

    Create Initials list from a list of names

    Hi Is there a way to either extract just the Capitals from a name list, or use the space to extract the first letter of each name? In cell A1 Paul Jones In cell A2 Adam Simpson In cell A3 Jan Van de Valt In cell A4 Tony Tile Can I automate: C1 = PJ C2 = AS C3 = JVV (or JVdV) C4 = TT Any...
  17. M

    Should be a simple report, but I can't figure it out

    I'd like to create a "roster" report from my database, listing every active record. It would be used as a "sign-in sheet", so I'm looking to create a report (pulling 3 fields - Last Name, First Name, Status) that look like the following: Ames, Jonathan (A) _____________ Hayes, Darren...
  18. H

    How to create date table using calendar and calendarauto

    Hi all, I am trying to familiar myself in Power Pivot window using CALENDAR AND CALENDARAUTO to create a Date table. How do I go about this? Thanks
  19. R

    VBA to create multiple blank workbooks from a list of names in a column

    I have a list of names in Column A of a workbook (the length of the list will vary) and would like to create a macro which will automatically create a blank workbook for each name in the list. For example, A1: Jane A2: Fred A3: Harry I would like to end up with 3 workbooks named Jane.xls...
  20. E

    Set up Excel to always create backup files by default?

    Is there a way to set up Excel to ALWAYS create a backup for EVERY time I save ANY file over an old one? That is, without having to go to File > Save As > Tools > General Options and checking off "Always create backup" for each and every file for which I want backups created? I'm using Excel...

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