1. A

    Userform VBA code Generator

    I am working on converting an excel Master Sheet into a userform. I didn't create the Excel Workbook, which has about 16 worksheet in it, but I have to update it. Most of the information in each of the 15 or so worksheets are repetitive information, that is why the person created a Master...
  2. G

    Embedding Pivot 'Custom Lists' into a worksheet

    Hello everyone, long time lurker and big fan of the site. It's helped me many times. I'm hoping you can help with a question Basically: 1) I've created a slicer for a pivot table 2) I created a "Custom List" through Options-Advanced to rearrange the order of the items inside the slicer to what...
  3. danhendo888

    Power query group by/merge question

    <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: rgb(255,255,255);border: 1px solid;border-collapse: collapse; border-color: rgb(187,187,187)"><colgroup><col width="25px" style="background-color: rgb(218,231,245)" /><col /><col /><col /><col /><col /><col /><col...
  4. A

    Reverse the order of the new worksheet

    Hello Everyone , I have created a macro to copy the active worksheet and paste a new one. I want to make a slight modification to it : The newly created worksheet to be pasted on the left side of the workbook rather than on the right (My team is used to this format). Dim sName As String...
  5. R

    Copy comment automatically on all cells in a column in a dynamic table?

    Hi. There is a way to apply the same cell comment to new rows that be created using TAB key? Thanks for your time.
  6. D

    import workbooks or sheets to another workbook

    I have created 5 workbooks or sheets which have VBA and macros in them. I have created a new workbook with a userform in it . I would like to copy those other workbooks and sheet into the new one with all formatting and coding. tyvm
  7. N

    Remove time from a text cell

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to remove time from a text cell so it just shows the other contents. EX: 07/02/2019 9:00:30 AM CREATED to 07/02/2019 Created Thank you for the help both in the past and now.
  8. U

    VBA code to autopopulate an excel template

    I have been looking for a VBA code that will basically take information from my worksheet and create a new sheet for every row. I have a template that I would like my data to autopopulate so that each new sheet is in the specific format I would like it in. anyone know how to do this?
  9. H

    Pivot Table

    Hey everyone its been a few years since I accessed the board. My question is I have a table that is generated through another program into excel. I created the Pivot Table off of this table. But ever time I generate the table the pivot table loses settings. How do I keep this static?
  10. E

    Is this Possible in PowerBI

    Hi All I am new to power bi so hoping you can help me I have created multiple pivot tables from different sources and have created a dashboard At the back of it ive created slicers which i need to now link to pivot tables from different sources which is now why ive created a bridge table...
  11. W

    Subtotals show grand total

    Trying to create a measure that an end user could grab and not have to worry about filtering to get the numbers narrowed down appropriately. Sum of gl transactions measure below. Works, but end users would have to know how to manipulate the filters on Acct Fin Class Code, Acct Prop Class...
  12. M

    Create sheet with info base on list

    Hello all, It is been long time since i came here asking your help. I hope i can find once again help from you all. I'll put it by steps: Step 1: I need help to create a VBA that will copy a Template sheet to a new workbook (as many times the list has starting on row 2 until the last) the...
  13. P

    Macro Running on each refresh

    HI. I have created a tracking sheet which takes data from another excel sheet by refreshing links every 30 seconds (would use share workbook but function not enabled by my work). I have created a macro to play every time a cell in a range is changed to a value above 0 but it reads every refresh...
  14. C

    Multiple graphs from 1 pivot Table

    Hi I have created a pivot Graph using data from a table However i would like to make a few copies of the Pivot chart graph i have created and set it up so it shows different outputs using the same data. E.G - The graph i currently have created is a stacked bar graphs which shows the split by...
  15. G

    if values in Column D matches then

    Hi everyone, I had created same thread but as i couldn't view that thread i have created this. Here i am trying to check the values in column 'D' and if the values in column 'D' matches then in column B...
  16. B

    Excel 2016 power query - huge data

    I connected to our oracle DB with 40million+ rows of data tied to over 110k+product. These data refers to medical services and copay info. 1product consists of 350 services/rows. To narrow it down, I created a query to pull product created 365 days prior to current date. Loaded it to the data...
  17. E

    Print pdf without grid

    Here is my existing code. I would like to NOT print the gridlines. I thought I could just add "PrintGridlines:=False", but that didn't work. <code> Else 'export to PDF in current folder wsA.ExportAsFixedFormat _ Type:=xlTypePDF, _ Filename:=strPathFile, _...
  18. G

    Pulling column value into each previously generated tab

    I'm new to VBA in excel and I borrowed this code from a previous thread that has worked well. It takes each value from column B in my main tab and creates a named tab with the format of the CONTROL tab and hyperlinks it in the original tab. My problem is that each tab, although correctly named...
  19. S

    Dynamic Ranges for Filter Macros

    Hi, I've created several different Macros for Filtering a spreadsheet for defined values (SKUs) but occasionally these values change. I was wondering is possible to create a macro in VBA that filters a spreadsheet based on all the values in a column on a different sheet in a different file? I...
  20. A

    Pulling each row value into tab created by previous macro

    I'm new to VBA in excel and I borrowed this code from a previous thread that has worked well. It takes each value from column B in my main tab and creates a named tab with the format of the CONTROL tab and hyperlinks it in the original tab: Sub CreateAndNameWorksheets() Dim c As Range...

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