1. J

    Code to print 1st page of multiple sheets

    Hi, I'd like to add the necessary code to a CommandButton (called CommandButton_Choose_These_Students) that does the following five (5) things ... 1. Creates a new worksheet (which is to be a copy of a worksheet called ... Student Profile Template) for each ID number found in the range ...
  2. G

    Good resources for SSAS

    We are looking at rolling out a Power BI Report Server connecting to SSAS tabular (which I believe it has to). I'm pretty familiar with Power BI / Power Pivot and was able to create and connect a model without much difficulty. What I need to learn understand is how to maintain / update the...
  3. M

    Need help with macro to get folder created date

    Hi, I have a excel file which has list of directories example Col A 1 \\ Computer Name1\Program Files\Software\ 2 \\ Computer Name2\ Program Files\Software\ 3 \\ Computer Name3\Program Files\Software\ For each directory I need find folder created date for a particular folder. The result after...
  4. S

    Need someone to make Excel SpreadSheet for me

    I am an Instructor and do classes that have there own profit and loss per day. Also for different companies. I want a spreadsheet created for me where I can enter company name and info and expenses (both total and per student), along with profits per student and total, plus a profit calculator...

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