1. T

    How to open a program through Microsoft Mail instead of Outlook

    Hey all, i have this code that allowed me to send my excel sheet to emails through outlook, however im looking to use it through my personal account and am trying to figure out how i should change what i have to make it work. Private Sub Submit_Click() Dim xOutlookObj As Object Dim xOutApp...
  2. J

    CylanceProtect -- CreateObject no longer works

    so apparently the IT people at my job people did an extreme modification to the exclusion list of our CylanceProtect anti-virus program now none of my Access programs work problem: I've always heard that its best practice to do Dim adoConn As Object Set adoConn =...
  3. MacroAlan

    Bypassing Update Message

    My app is opening an Excel file, copying one worksheet to my new workbook and closing it. The problem is that someone in their infinite wisdom linked a file that was on their desktop and left the company. When the file opens it asks the question about Updating. Can I bypass this question all...
  4. Mackeral

    The last line of this code puts EXCEL into some kind of continuous loop

    When my program executes the last line of this code, it puts Excel into a seemingly endless loop. The only to do at this point is just kill the program with Task Manager. Anybody know what's going on or how to fix it? Sub OpenDoc(File_Name) ' Open a file. ' 9/25/17 Copied from...
  5. W

    Help with VBA to move and rename files

    Hello. I am looking to adjust a VBA code that is used to move files of a given name into the same folder. A simplified version of this would be 3 separate folders each containing a file named Cost.xlsx. The purpose of the macro is to check if the Cost.xlsx exists in a given path, and if it does...
  6. M

    Difficulty putting 2 macros together using CreateObject & GetOject

    I have created 2 macro's in excel that open a word .docm document and need to do 2 things: 1. do a mail merge (sub creëer contract) 2. delete bookmarks (call word macro's based on excel values) Seperately they work as should, but I have difficulty putting them together. I tried calling one...
  7. E

    CreateObject - InPrivate mode (ie)

    Hi How can I change this line if I want to create an object on inprivate mode ? Set ie = CreateObject(internetexplorer.Application) TNX
  8. D

    2002/2010 Compatible Image link to embed vba

    My VBA is currently adding a list of photos from a file chosen by the user but as others have had the problem it saves them as links instead of embedding them. Is there a way to choose all and convert them after they have been inserted? Sub AddOlEObject() Dim mainWorkBook As Workbook...
  9. S

    ActiveX Component Can't Create Object: EXCEL6 Error

    Hi All, I am having the "Run Time Error 429: ActiveX Componenet Can't Create Object" occur at this line of code: Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") This use to be a working auto emailer macro till I was moved to Windows 7. Apparently what I noticed is that I can get it to work...
  10. H

    Need help in GetObject/CreateObject excelapp from Attachmate

    Hi, I have a macro from attachmate that transfers data to an excel file. My problem is that i can't get these lines to work correctly (code that I use from Attachmate Extra!). Set obj = Getobject("H:\ultimate.xls") if obj is nothing then set obj = CreateObject("Excel.Application")...
  11. ClimoC

    vba - random fail on CreateObject

    Hello, does anyone know why 75% of the time: Dim xlapp as object retrypoint: On error resume next err.clear set xlapp = createobject("Excel.Application") if xlapp = empty then goto retrypoint err.clear on error goto 0 works perfectly well, and my 8 modules of macros run just fine, but...
  12. R

    After launching access from excel, I stop getting normal warning messages "Do you want to save changes"

    In Excel, I use the following code to launch Access from Excel. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() lPath = "c:\db1.mdb" again: ' Depending on how many things go wrong, there can be left over ' processes even when all databases have been closed. ' just to keep things clean, we kill any...
  13. P

    Check createobject completed before send email

    Hi <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I am using a macro to send several emails from outlook 2000.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> The problem is that whilst sending the emails most of the time the sendkeys work but other times the...

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