creation date

  1. R

    vba to save as created date or based on cell data

    hi, i have 3 xl files named current, previous and macro. current is a report that is run every other day and uses vlookups to the previous file (previous is the current file in a completed state). macro is an empty file except for a macro to run all vlookups on the current file. when all the...
  2. Z

    How do I create a function to display the 'General' File Creation Date?

    Apparently there are two types of Creation Dates for a File, and both of them can be viewed in the file properties. Statistical Creation Date: shows what date and time the 'original' file was created - stays the same even if the file in question is a copy of the original. General Creation Date...
  3. J

    getting a file name and file creation data of file looking into a folder and sub folders

    Hey guys , Here is what i would like to do . i have a folder that contains lots of sub folder with various different names and more subfolders within the subfolders What i would like to have is a script that looks in all these folders and firstly looks for the excel sheets , getting a name...
  4. S

    Obtaining original creation date from imported .txt file

    Hi, I have a very straight forward spreadsheet, which performs a currency conversion on the first sheet, with user defined currency codes and value. The Exchange rates are obtained through a macro button, which opens a text file, chosen by the user, named ***EXR.txt as a temporary workbook...
  5. M

    Filename Properties

    I have a question and it's probably a long shot, but maybe someone will have a suggestion I can use. What I am trying to do, is get the Modified & Creation Date of all files in a series of folders. For instance, the files can be .pdf, .xls, .doc, .rtf and would be located: in "This Folder" and...

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