1. J

    VBA code to run a query where criteria equals a range of data

    I have a spreadsheet that I need to run a query on but only if a field is in a range of data. I want to paste in a list of stock numbers in a worksheet (starting in cell A2 going down) but only have the query return data for those stock numbers. The number of stock numbers will vary and others...
  2. V

    Detect if worksheet exist, and if it does ignore the rest of the script

    I need my script to detect if worksheet(s) exist based on some critera and if 1 or more does, ignore the entire script. I want to add this part at the start of a current script I'm using. If any sheets already exist, it is causing me trouble... Of course this might not be the ideal way to...
  3. V

    Delete all sheets that meets my critera without prompt

    I'm looking for a script to delete any sheets that meets the following critera and without promtp: If sheets contains the text: "PrixMax" "6po" "Quote" Then deleted them Sheet name can be "PrixMax-250", "6po-Viny", "Quote-101018" Along with those sheets, my workbook contains a "Master" sheets...
  4. J

    Formula to rank invoices based on status and date

  5. S

    VBA: to loop and copy/paste based on 2 criteria (similar to a Hlookup)

    I have a data set that has 200 rows with (let's say) 40 entries per row and each entry is divided by year (40 years worth of values). The entries are numbered 1 - 200. I would like to create a new dataset by entry number and make each yearly entry monthly depending on whatever year it...
  6. E

    Looking for a genius: Match Debits to Multiple Credits or vise versa

    Hello, I am trying to see if there is a way (I'm doubting whether this is even possible anymore) to highlight or mark items that can offset each other exactly given certain criteria (for this purpose Project and Fund Column B and C). For example: There could be 250, 250, 500 that would 0 out...
  7. T

    Pasting a Row Based on Column Criteria.

    Hello all, I have a worksheet, where in Column F, there are about 200 instances of a cell containing the text "EBITDA". I have used a macro to insert an extra row below each of these instances, however I'm looking to copy and past the contents (formulas & Format) of Row 31 so that it can be...
  8. D

    Efficient sorting of data with VBA with 3 criteria

    Hi Mr. Excel. I am in the process of automating some stuff at work, and therefore I would like to sort some data with VBA, based on 3 criteria. I would like so sort some data like seen below: The way I am doing it now is like the following code: Range("G7").Select...
  9. CyrusTheVirus

    Array Formula Suggestion? INDEX/MATCH

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a different way of writing the below formula. The only way I could make it work was by combining it into an IF function... Basically, I'm trying to make the index/match populate a value ONLY if it meets one of two criteria... the criteria being in cells D1 ("def")...
  10. A

    Search Enggine with Criteria Between 2 date Using VBA

    hello right now i was making a search enggine using VBA with sheet 1 as database and sheet 2 as search enggine i have code like this : my code is search enggine that search a data that contain an alphabet or number where the data being search anyone can change this so that the criteria for...
  11. B

    Multiple Criteria

    Hi, I need this code to select multiple criteria, but having real problems. Please help! Dim IndustryColumn As Long Dim foundIndustryColumn As Range Dim copySheet AsInteger Set foundIndustryColumn = Sheets("Consolidated Data").Rows(1).Find("Industry") clientIndustryColumn =...
  12. P

    Using .Find to locate a row that meets multiple criteria

    Hi I've always referred to these forums but I was unable to find the direct answer to my question this time so I figured it was time to create an account. The basic idea of what I want to do is to use tag based logic to find the category that meets my specified criteria. At First I was just...
  13. D

    Vlookup with Multiple criteria in different columns

    <tbody> Item # Manu # Vendor # New # <tbody> 46118 </tbody> <tbody> 1650 </tbody> <tbody> 3963-535 </tbody> <tbody> 46973 </tbody> 0531005FG <tbody> 07-397-6396 </tbody> <tbody> 2540-145 </tbody> <tbody> </tbody> <tbody> 07-090-0035 </tbody> <tbody> 4779-073...
  14. M

    Counts / Frequencies / Multiple Criteria’s Problem

    Hello World, I think I have a challenge here, or maybe this is an excel limitation. I need to count the unique Ticket Numbers (Column B) for a given month / date range (Column E), but also segregate it out by Place (Column D) uniquely. The table to the left is the source of the information...
  15. L

    Count duplicates and count duplicates based on criteria

    <tbody> Products Suppliers doors Harper windows Smith floors Brown lights Smith tables Johnson chairs Jones beds Cooper sinks Jones baths sofas Smith </tbody> Friends, I again request your assistance. I have 2 columns of sales data, A and B. Range A3:A12 contains unique...
  16. P

    Easier formula for nestled if statement

    Hello everybody, I am trying to find an easier way to look up values out of Database sheet if certain criteria are met. {=IF(A2=1;INDEX('Source Sheet'!$B$2:$B$18;(MATCH(2;'Source Sheet'!$A$2:$A$18;0)));IF(A2=2;(INDEX('Source Sheet'!$C$2:$C$18;MATCH(3;'Source...
  17. K

    Sumifs for an array of date ranges?

    So alright, this is a little hard to explain, but I will try my best: I have 3 columns of dates: A, B and C. I have another column of the money in D. I would like to be able to do this: if a value in C2, says 6/16/2014, is in between the dates in A2 and B2, says 6/15/2014 and 6/18/2014, then D2...
  18. J

    Return next unique value from list based on multiple criteria

    G'Day Excel people's, Background: What I have is an Excel sheet set up as a monthly schedule. Currently a file number is allocated to each job manually in a separate Excel workbook and then this is manually inputted onto the monthly schedule. This is a cumbersome timely process (and who here...
  19. R

    Find Average of Absolute Values with certain criteria

    Hi, I'm working on Excel 2003. I need to find the average of the absolute values of values in column H only if column C contains the word "Correction" I tried doing AVERAGEIF(ABS(C2:C90, "=CORRECTION", H2:H90) but I'm probably way off. Thanks in advance!

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