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    Unique ID between two date ranges

    Hello, Would like assistance to run a query in Access for the table below, where the ID is a text format. Date ID Value 4/15/2020 ABA 2.00 4/15/2020 NHB 1.00 4/19/2020 BBB 0.222 4/20/2020 RRRf 1.55 5/1/2020 NNN 9.55 5/2/2020 JUY 2.22 5/2/2020 YYY 2.22...
  2. A

    Hyperlink with Criteria

    Hi guys. Is there a way to edit the below formula so that the worksheet name is referenced to a cell?? - "2020" is a cell. =HYPERLINK("#"&ADDRESS(MATCH(A4,'2020'!A:A,0),8,1,1,"2020"),"Link")
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    Formula will not automatically adjust when adding/removing rows?

    I could use some help with this formula...
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    Update column in worksheet based on criteria with data from another worksheet

    Hi there, I'd like help creating a macro that allows me to essentially copy and paste information from one worksheet to another based on criteria that will save a great amount of time were it done manually. In the main worksheet I have a column labelled 'Reference' and a column labelled...
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    Distinct Count based on given criteria

    Hello, I am looking some help in getting distinct count by criteria. For example if you refer the below table I brought the distrinct count by using formala {=Sum(1/Countif(A:A,A2))} however, in additon to this need another conditional criteria. If given % different for no then it should...
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    Copy data from one sheet to another based on criteria

    On sheet one I have event dates in column C starting on row 7 and ending on row 105, event names in column D starting on row 7 and ending on row 105, and event type drop down in column F starting in row 7 and ending on row 105 with a color coded fill that changes with event type in column E...
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    A More Complex List of Unique Distinct Values Based on a Criteria

    Hi! Here's my problem. Basically, I need the data that is on the table on the left to look the one on the right. Order IDs listed on B, the item/s ordered on C, and the status is on D. I need the pending orders listed on the table on the right so that: a) Only the pending orders are shown b)...
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    VBA Search and Copy Data to Another Sheet

    Hi Guys, I have these data below and I was thinking of VBA codes where it will create 3 sheets based on Subject. The 3 Sheets name is based on Subject as well: Sheet 1 = Math Sheet 2 = Science Sheet 3 = History Each tab has the same header as the raw data. If the subject is math then it will...
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    VBA code to automatically insert a row below based on criteria

    Good day, I need VBA code to automatically insert a row below or inbetween rows based on criteria. In the example below, I need code to run row by row to check if the "OVER" column >0, if that case is true, it will check 3 conditions: 1) Check the "HOURS" column for the max hours such as 10.5...
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    VBA: Exclude Data Based on Date

    Hi Guys, Can you possibly help me of how to code for this scenario: Basically, I need to exclude the data not older than 4 years. However for the computation, the start date is not based from the current date but I want to set the date so a message box will pop asking me what is the starting...
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    A good starting point? Setting variables and applying formulas based on criteria met

    Hi Guys, I’m looking for a starting point to tackle a problem Iunderstand, but not in enough detail to be really specific… Basically, I need to simply retrieve or apply calculationsto customer agreement numbers, some of which will have 1 single line of data,simple as I can then just take the...
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    VBA - Copy Row Data Based on Criteria

    Hello Excel Gurus, I was thinking of creating a macro based on below criteria: 5 Tabs will be created in running the macro: 1. New - New accounts that doesn't have any previous data (Copy Whole row) 2. Zero - Accounts that doesn't have any score currently but previously existing (Copy Whole...
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    Filter and Copying of Data on Another Sheet

    Hello Guys, So I have below data on Sheet1 with a range A4:BC. What if I want to Filter all those that returned as "FALSE" (in T/F Check Column) and copy those related columns namely "Inital Check", "Check', & "T/F Check" on another tab sheet named "Check" in range E1:G1. <tbody> A1 -...
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    Conditional / Drop Down List Multiple Filter

    Hi everyone, Background: <tbody> A B C D Policy Issue Service Benefits Application Service Request Analysis underwriting Policy Accounts Payout Payment Admin </tbody> <tbody> </tbody> The Blue text in Column A is level 1 data; the red text in B,C and D column is Level 2 data...
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    Looping from bottom to cut/paste varying length sections of column to next available column

    Hey Guys, I've been trying to figure this out but could really use some help. I have an output file from a machine that comes in a long list in column A. I'm trying to write a vba macro that goes through the list and moves a varying length section (based on header) to the next available row...
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    VBA - Transferring certain columns of data to another sheet that meet a criteria

    I am using code to transfer data that don't have a blank cell in column A from "Data" to "ForIndustry". While the code works, I would like to only transfer columns A:P rather than the whole row. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Sub transfer() Set i = Sheets("Data") Set e =...
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    VBA to Highlight row if match criteria in another workbook

    Hello, I'm learning Excel VBA and I would appreciate help. I'm trying to highlight a row of data in one workbook (Table 1) if criteria in column A matches criteria in column A of another workbook. I need help referencing the other workbook without naming it explicitly, the...
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    Can a string of data be returned when you match 2 criteria?

    Just curious if a string of data can be returned if a set of criteria is met: Here is where I am going with this. <tbody> A B C D 1 123 Main Street Las Vegas, NV 88888 Criteria 456 My Avenue Miami, Florida 55555 2 456 My Avenue Miami, Florida 55555 Avenue 3 789 Their Boulevard...
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    Excel VBA. Highlight cells based on criterion

    Hi! I’m trying to find a simple solution for my Excel VBA script. Sorry for my bad English in advance..:) There is an excerpt from my code. Sub TEST() Range("E2").Value = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIfs(Range("G4:G1000"), 100, Range("J4:J1000"), ">0") End Sub It puts (in E2 cell) an...
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    Easy Solution to SUMIFS with variable criteria???

    Hello All, I am looking for an easy solution to a rather tedious formula. Here's the situation... I have a list of data that I would like to SUMIFS. From that SUMIFS, I would like to subtract out values that meet certain criteria in another, separate range. Lets use an example to help better...

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