1. sashapixie

    Insert / Update datetime on active row when changes are made in a range

    Hi I have some VBA to insert / update a column on the active row when changes are made within a range on the active row. The vba is working when I use cell references, however when I use table named ranges it errors. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) 'Update CRM date when...
  2. D

    Free CRM Template

    Hi looking to create a CRM system for our business has anyone got any recommendations? Thanks
  3. Nelson78

    Navigate CRM Siebel by Excel Vba: is it feasible?

    Hello everybody. I'm trying to understand the feasibility of a project. I've got login and password for entering CRM SIEBEL 7.8 and executing manually a range of operations. Can I replicate the same operations by an automation with Excel Vba? If yes, what do we need? (Firstly, I think atleast...
  4. J

    Help with Pivot Charts

    Hi, new member to the forum here. Your help would be much appreciated. I'm beginning to build a dynamic dashboard to show the current state and availability of system environments however I'm struggling with displaying the data in the correct format that I want from a pivot table and chart. I...
  5. RyanTG

    Any hacks for sharing excel workbook with multiple users?

    After scouring forums, I have yet to find a solution to sharing an excel workbook without losing several features (Eg: macros, tables etc). I have built a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system within excel and have a need to share it with three other users. Unfortunately, many of the...
  6. dwg83

    Excel to Powerpoint

    I have a worksheet that that refreshing it's data from a Microsoft CRM every hour. I in turn have code that refreshes pivot tables on another worksheet after it senses a worksheet change on the sheet where the CRM data dump is happening (is there a better way to do that?). I would like to add...
  7. F

    VBA to create new workbook from most recent user-numbers from an exported list

    Dear all, I need to create a macro that can produce a new workbook with the list of the most recent users of my company, so that we can print their membership cards. From my company's admin I can export the complete list of users with their name, serial number and address. Every time we export...
  8. R

    XML in Excel using API of Zoho CRM

    Hi, I'm trying to use Zoho CRM's API to suck data directly into Excel using a web query. The data comes in XML format. When I pull the data into Excel, it comes like this: uri no FL val /crm/private/xml/Leads/getCVRecords 1 *the actual...

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