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    Show special characters/symbols for carriage returns and line feeds

    I'd like to know if there is some special way that we can visualize carriage returns, line feeds and other whitespace(like tabs) within cell text similar to what you can see on this screenshot of Notepad++: http://i.stack.imgur.com/ocDNf.jpg I'd like to either achieve this by changing to a font...
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    How to Create installer for the excel add in and UDF created in c#?

    Hi Everyone,I have created the excel project with Ribbon & UDF in c#. It works perfect when I build the solution or debug from VS 2010. Now I need to create a installer for this project. I have created a installer using setup wizard in VS 2010. When I open Excel, the ribbon loaded successfully...
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    CSharp and Excel working together

    I've got an Excel Program that I'd like to move to a product. I don't know CSharp but have heard that it will interface with the Excel Object library. (Microsoft employee I met on golf course). I have been unable to find any literature on it only vague references. This forum has been...

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