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    Why is this code not saving to folder??

    trying to get a worksheet to saveas .csv file to path when they hit macro button. however it opens TempWB and and does not save to path. Can someone tell me what I am missing here Thanks CJ [Code] Sub saveSheetToEQScan() Dim myCSVFileName As String Dim tempWB As Workbook...
  2. C

    Excel 2017 - How do prevent Excel from automatically importing .csv into a table format?

    I have recently switched from Excel 2016 to Excel 2017 and when importing data from a .csv Excel formats the import as a table when I click on load. This means I then have to change the format to convert it to a range and then get rid of all the colour banded rows. Is there a way to prevent...
  3. T

    Rename a closed workbook without opening it

    Hi Friends, I am using powershell code for splitting a CSV file because it is faster than VBA on CSVs. I am splitting the file based on one specific column. So, if any values are blank in this column , powershell is generating file named .csv. My question is can we rename this .csv file to...
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    Convert .xlsx to .csv

    Hi Friends, Can we convert .xlsx files to .csv files using vba ?
  5. N

    Amount of row in a csv file

    Hello, I need help with creating a VBA script that goes through a folder that has around 4000 .csv files and return the amount of rows each .csv file has in another excel spreadsheet. Thanks
  6. T

    Resize cells to thier default/normal size

    Hi Friends, I have a .csv file. Due to some requirements I added 4 new columns with each having different formula applied to it. Now the actual problem starts. After making this change I want to save this .csv file in .xlsb format as size of this .csv file is approx. 1.7GB. After saving , the...
  7. S

    automating copying data from .csv file to a xlsm file with a dialog box

    Hi I am trying to import a .csv file into a .xlsm sheet and copy the whole data. Actually I have code in such a way that the input file(raw data .csv file) is open (should be activated), then only the macro is running. So I need to modify the code in a way that " If I press select file...
  8. S

    Consolidating multiple .csv files into one worksheet

    Hi All, I have a use case where I want to consolidate multiple .csv files from a single folder on any location to the file from where I was running the macro. I want a click button on a file which will allow me to select the folder and auto consolidate all the .csv file in the open workbook...
  9. P

    Saving .csv files from excel without final Carriage Return.

    Apologies if this has been answered before, I can find similar topics but not an exact solution I need to create a .csv file from data in an excel worksheet for use in another application. When the csv file is created there is always a final carriage return / blank line which requires manually...
  10. B

    Archive file if filename does not exist

    Each week I load CSV data into my Workbook from a USB stick. I have recently chosen to archive the CSV file with the date that the data is accessed. The source file, no matter what the date, is always the same name. I can successfully archive the CSV using this statement: ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs...
  11. M

    Corrupted cells when creating .csv

    I've been trying to convert several excel tables to .csv format for use in a GIS program. Each time I do this, certain cells in essential column (which is used to join the .csv table to spatial data) get corrupted. The column contains UIDs that are numerical. The corruption places either a ? or...
  12. M

    Question marks in strange places .csv

    Hello, I'm using excel 2016. Trying to save tables as .csv so I can load them into a GIS program, but in one column (containing multiple digit unique identifiers) question marks are showing up in seemingly random cells, usually at the start of the cell. For example, 4242656 in my excel table...
  13. J

    Split worksheet containing data in 3D matrix into multiple .csv files of columnated 2D data

    Hi all, I'm a newcomer and have to confess that I'm a little computer illiterate, so looking for help in its most basic form. I have all of this data in large .csv files that, when opened in a worksheet, look something like this: <tbody> Time W1 W2 W3 W4 0.1 23 55 65 80 0.2 12 45 35 21...
  14. J

    list specific .csv files rather than all the .csv files (in a folder)

    To all, I have a macro that list all the .csv files in a specified folder. I would like to add an option so that only the .csv files corresponding to an (user) specified option are listed Let's say that I have 2 options 'A' & 'B' .csv file for option 'A' will always have the keyword "AAA" in...
  15. K

    Use .GetOpenFilename without actually opening the selected file

    Hello, New member here, so i feel a small introduction is in order: I am an engineer residing in Kentucky, born and raised in Chicago, IL. Right now the current purposes of my excel tasks are for work, in where I am developing a number of applications to assist my company in simplifying...
  16. O

    VBA: Importing 3 csv files into 3 different worksheet

    Hi all, my currently code imports 1 csv data into sheet 1 and then I have to manually click the button and select the next csv file and import to sheet 2. Im thinking if it is possible to select all 3 csv data and import them to sheet 1, sheet 2 and sheet 3 all at once? any help is greatly...
  17. B

    Deleting unused cells in excel

    Hi everyone, I tried to delete the unused cells , But couldnt find a option & tried to hide all the cells & it worked but . i want this to be saved in .csv file. After saving the same on .cvs file , the hidden cells are visible . My query is there any option to hide or delete unused cells...
  18. T

    Exporting worksheet to CSV Runtime Error

    Hi all, As a newbie to macros I am having trouble trying to save a worksheet to CSV file. The macro worked to .txt but when I change it to .xlCSV it comes up with runtime 1004 error, method 'save as' of object '_workbook' failed. Any help would be amazing. Cheers Sub Export7400_setup_Click()...
  19. L

    Apply Conditional Formmating to highlight ONLY New Content on a Column

    I have a spreadsheet and I want to color particular cells in a column with a new color - i.e. any new changes need to be highlighted. I know there's a way to do tracking changes in excel, but it just sticks a little flag almost invisibly in the corner of the cell. I want to be able to bring the...
  20. S

    want to download multiple pages in to excel form web

    dear, i want to download historical data for one stock from yahoo i tried but when importing web data its possible with only one page, where the stock has multiple page. how can i import data for multiple pages. the .csv format of the file is available there but how to...

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