1. J

    How To keep Columns when Using a Macro to automatically save a .csv file

    I'm using a Macro that when activated saves a file as a .csv (MS-DOS) file. When saving it automatically it saves all information to Column A with a comma delimter. When you save the .csv (MS-DOS) file manually it prompts you with an "Error Message" . ".csv may contain features that are not...
  2. J

    .CSV format issue with VBA Macro - Auto-Saves without Columns kept

    Hey All Thanks for your help in advance, My Issue: This code works fine but my main question/issue is the difference to when you manually save a .CSV (MS-DOS) File you are prompted with the following message " .csv may contain features that are not compatible with CSV (MS-DOS). Do you want to...
  3. H

    Executing Store Procedure containig Bulk Insert Command with macro/VBA excel 2010

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help. My first post here, it's been a while since I'm working around this issue and need your help. I have a Store procedure wich has a Bulk Insert command using dynamic SQL that works ok when executed from SQLManagmentStudio. The SP is included...
  4. ClimoC

    The Server, The CSV, and the TMP files

    Arvo Thought I'd put this in here rather than the Excel one as the bulk of the code is ADO. So the system I have setup has a read-only workbook that connects to CSV databases, edits them, and saves them back out again (meaning only one workbook to debug!) I have researched and been made aware...
  5. A

    Maintaining Leading Zeros when saved as a .CSV File

    I have a column, formatted as "text" with a 7-character alphanumeric code. Some codes have a leading zero. When I save the Excel file as a .csv, then reopen it, the leading zero disappears. I need that zero as this is my unique identifier field. I've tried the ' in front, I've tried formatting...
  6. L

    Numbers converting to Scientific Formats in .csv files

    I know this question has been asked a bajillion times, so I apologize for the redundancy. I am working with an Excel spreadsheet and saving it as a .csv file in order to upload to an application that parses out the .csv data as transactions. The system requires .csv files, so this is how I need...
  7. Y

    Saving as 2 file types with active workbook name

    Hello, I'm trying to save multiple workbooks as both .xls and .csv I recieve .xls files, make consistent changes, then save the updated workbook in both formats in seperate folder. How can I do this in VBA? I want to keep the same name as what I opened the file as My current isn't...
  8. S


    One of the users I support is copying and pasting data into an Excel 2003 or 2007 file, she has both, and needs to keep the formatting in 2 columns. One for the date to be shown as 09/03/08 and the other to show the numbers with two numbers after the decimal point (352.20). I know that when you...

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