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  1. D

    Import from CSV and create individual sheets based on field

    Hi Folks I have a large CSV, where each row/entry has a date in it, in the format dd-MM-yyyy. I would like to import it, but create a new sheet per date, and preferably (although not a requirement) order the sheets chronologically. The date is 7th of 14 columns and there are multiple entries...
  2. N

    Multi-Part Excel product

    So I'm trying to build an excel spreadsheet that I can distribute to other schools that will allow for the following functions, Essentially, they will use the first tab to add rows and create their schedule, which then will generate a CSV sheet on tab 3 that they can import into excel or Gmail...
  3. F

    Substitution script with CSV input&output

    Hello dear Excel users! I got hung up on my lacking knowledge regarding Excel. My aim is to get a CSV input, which has several coloums, but only 2 is of interest: one which determines the type of data and a number value, which is to be copied unchanged. The output would have a completely...
  4. S

    Exporting Excel file to CSV format with Quotes, dots & question marks.

    Hi, I’m trying to create a .CSV file separated by semicolon instead of a comma, like this exemplary file here, but some of the rows contain special characters and all the data must be wrapped by double quotes. I have changed the list separator under the Region in my windows control panel to be...
  5. B

    Importing multiple data files

    Hi all, I've got 170 csv files that I'm looking to compile into excel so as to analyse them, but am hoping to avoid having to do that one by one, adding each as a seperate tab. Does anyone have any ideas of how I could do this, e.g. a macro or script, or if there's an "add all as tabs" add-in...
  6. H

    AutoSave Excel in Different format

    Hi, This is my first post to this forum, although I am working on a potential project for my University and was curious if what I need to do is going to be possible. 1] Have Excel document save every second. * Found some people discussing this with code so I know that this is...
  7. O

    Help saving and importing CSV in VBA... with accuracy!

    Hi All. For my businesses CMS - I need for several excel workbooks to communicate with each other. I'm trying to save a sheet as a csv... then import it into another workbook. The problem I'm encountering is that no matter whether I comma or tab delimit, when I try to import the sheet, excel...

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