1. H

    VBA Code to generate Outlook Reminder

    I have written code to send a reminder to outlook based on a date on Col C I have dates and text In Col C https://www.dropbox.com/s/sh4uinn570nd3ds/VBA%20Code%20to%20Generate%20Outlook%20Reminders.xlsm?dl=0 I need the code amended so that where there is either no date or text, the...
  2. M

    Checkword macro multiple results

    Hi there, I am trying to set up a search function for a list of approved chemicals based on a partial search criteria using Checkword macro which seems to work quite well in providingmultiple results. However, when there is no search criteria (empty box) itreturns every result rather than no...
  3. A

    Cannot Use All Properties While Looping Through Each COntrol Of An UserForm

    Hello All, I have three text boxes and three command buttons in my userform called "ReqInput". I am trying to perform some action like set enabled properties to False for all command button except first one and set enabled properties to False for all text box except first one and also set...
  4. S

    Using Vba to acquire lookup results in one cell

    Hi I used the formula below in trying to solve a puzzle I have, and it has got really close to what I need. It presented the results in col 1 and 2 below (C and D in your formula). However, What I need is to get the results separately i.e. Results for "7" in one cell in the spreadsheet and...
  5. D

    Macro to Transfer data to Access not Working

    Dear All, I need your kind assistance with this issue: I have been running the code below to transfer data from my Excel worksheet to an Access backend Database. This has been working all this while, but suddenly, I am seeing this error (my first time): Run-time error'-2147217887(80040e21)'...
  6. H

    Email Reminders

    I have a workbook and have et up a macro to send a reminder to outlook, but get a run time error "type mismatch The code below is highlighted .Start = DateValue(Range("D" & ctr)) + TimeValue(Range("D" & ctr)) See sample data and code below It would be appreciated if someone could kindly...
  7. C

    generate combination with condtions

    I have the following macro to generate combinations, which works fine. But, I need to add conditions to create the combinations. My data is something like this <tbody> a b c d e f bulter 10 keeper brown 8 Keeper smit 8 all-rounder ryan 9 all-rounder...

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