1. M

    VBA Multiple selection (selection with CTRL)

    Hello, I'm trying to write a macro that copies all selected cells and paste it somewhere els. My problem is with the selection part. I'm using: Dim CopyRng as range Set CopyRng = selection The problem: If I select multiple rows with the CTRL hold in, it only copies the first rows. Example...
  2. E

    Reverse Ctrl + Open bracket?

    Hi all, Weird question, but i love the ctrl + open bracket trick to take you to where the formula is happening, but is there a way to get back to the original cell? It can get tedious to have to trudge through several sheets or rows, especially if you are working with large file. Thanks so much!
  3. J

    how to fix an excel 2016 sheet with bad navigation

    CTRL + Shift + up and CTRL + Shift + dn only moves one row. I am using sticky keys & Win 10 on an Asus ROG gamer.
  4. N

    Lock all the controls in a userform

    Hello, I have a userform with many Textboxes, Labels, CommandButtons.... I need to lock all the controls when the userform Initializes Instead of locking each control separate, I found this code on google that works well if the userform doesn't contain any label, else if there is any label...
  5. C

    Issue with multiple paste

    Hi, I am new and have self learnt VBA from the internet, hence getting stuck at a basic issue. I tried my best to google the solution- but failed. My code: Selection.Copy Sheets("A").Select Cells(b, c).Select ActiveSheet.Paste Sheets("B").Select Cells(b...
  6. D

    excel/word select all then delselect certain items

    i know in windows explorer...ctrl + A then holding ctrl then clicking the item you wanna deselect works,....doesn't seem to work for me in excel/word in word, for example, im trying to select all, then deslect the first two headers, then delete the body of text below
  7. sharky12345

    Add decimal point at specific position

    I'm using this to loop through a series of Textboxes on a Userform and enter a decimal point after the first 2 numbers entered; Dim ctrl As MSForms.controlFor Each ctrl In Controls If ctrl.Name Like "TextSTime*" Then If Len(ctrl.Value) = 3 Then ctrl.Value = Left(ctrl.Value, 2) & "." &...
  8. S

    Copying within a filter to another column within filter

    Hi All, I'm really struggling with copying a range over from one column in my filter to another. I've been using the following technique but no luck so far: Select range Ctrl + G Go to special Select visible cells only Go over to range in another column go to special select visible cells...
  9. Z

    Compile error: Next without a For statement

    I'm getting a compile error "Next without a For statement". I got the code from an outside source and was wanting to make it work with what I'm doing, but I can't seem to solve the error. I guess it has to do with the construct of the nested if...then...else...statements. The procedure is...
  10. Z

    Send email from listbox selections

    Hi, I have a listbox that is populated based on usernames listed in cells A5-A24. Each username has a checkbox, if the checkbox is selected, I need to send an email with an attachment to that user. I have each of the associated emails listed in column F. The macro I have first creates and...
  11. Z

    Email file if checkbox = true

    Hi, I have a userform that populates checkboxes dynamically based on a user list on one of my worsheets. I'd like to send an email to all of the users where the checkbox = true. How do I associate an email with each of the checkboxes? Further info: The user list is in column A and their...
  12. D

    Speeding up code

    Hi, I have the written the following code but it is slow to run which is causing the end users issues, is there anyway of speeding it up? Any help would be much appreciated. Sub CheckButtons() AppStart Lr = TransferSht.Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row y = 96 + Lr For x = 101 To y...
  13. R

    change order of combo box values when pasted to a worksheet

    Hopefully this will be the last time I need assistance for this project. That being said, it does work and for intents and purposes I do not HAVE to do this, but it would be helpful if I could. I have a userform <UFProductionSheet> that has 50+ comboboxes on various pages. Not all will be...
  14. B

    Problem using Ctrl + F to find a number on a spreadsheet

    I'm using Excel 2016. I have always used Ctrl + F to find a number on a spreadsheet. Now, whenever I try to find a number on a spreadsheet (that I know is there) by using Ctrl +F, a dialog box pops up and states, "We couldn't find what you're looking for. Click Options for more ways to search."...
  15. D

    Dynamically adding Userform controls

    Hi, I am trying to add the required number of controls to my userform based on how many items are in sheet 2, this bit I have working but what I cant work out is that when the user clicks on the checkbox I would like the label caption of the the label lblUser to display the Environ username...
  16. I

    Make N/A exempt from duplicate code check before save to worksheet

    Morning, I am using the code supplied below. The code checks to make sure that the value entered in TextBox4 doesnt already exist on my worksheet before it then makes the save. If there is a matching invoice number alreay then i see the msgbox show up advising me "Already Exists" I would like...
  17. L

    quick way to do Go Special-->Column diff

    Hi I have long column which look like the one below. I want to go to next city fast, so I want to use Go to Special. I tried the following Ctrl + G then Alt + S then Alt +m Ok I can go to next city but how about going to next city, if i repeat all steps above that is slow? I was thinking I...
  18. D

    time formatting

    when i enter this "=TEXT(NOW(),"hh:mm")" i get military format....i want 13:30 displaysed as 1:30 pm instead i tried chagning the formatting via ctrl + 1, but to no avail
  19. I

    ComboBox must have a value before form submission

    Morning, I am using the code shown below but need some advice please. There is nothing to stop me pressing the CommandButton and saving blank info to the worksheet cells. It would be nice that each ComboBox MUST have a value in it BEFORE it can be sent to the worksheet,maybe in the way of an...
  20. A

    No event is triggered upon pressing tab

    Hello All, I have one userform on which I have a multi pahe. Each tab of multi page has 4 text boxes in column format . Each column having two text boxes. At the bottom of the user form, there are three command buttons (Next Page, Cancel and Close). All controls are added to a collection and...

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