1. F

    Select Value on OLEP Cube

    Hi To all, I am kind of new working with OLEP Cube, I Record a Macro with Macro Recorder that works nice, but I need to substitute a Value with an User Entry, This is the original Code that I have that works Fine ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields( _ "[Profit...
  2. J

    OLAP Pivot

    Hello, This is the 1st time I am working with OLAP Cube Pivots. Need help please. I have a OLAP Cube pivot that has years from 1900 to current year. However it is missing few years in between. I need to be able to select all the years except for the last 15 years (2004 to 2019 needs to be...
  3. M

    Olap cube f'lter'ng multiple items via vba

    Hi team, I have to filter more than 100 items to olap cube. I can't it manually, can i do this with vba ? the items are in a row (Q2:Q150) I want that vba add it to olap cube filter. I found a code, but doesn't work. sub test() Dim MyArray as variant Dim rcnt as Integer rcnt =...
  4. K

    Cube Function Excel - Create and Define a List

    Hi, How do I define a list using the cube function in excel? eg Say I have A, B, C, D, E, and I want to create and retrieve data for A+B only from the cube? Thanks
  5. G

    Macro to generate Pdf of all pivot table slicer items. Pivot table connected to OLAP cube.

    I've followed instructions on this thread :, But it only works on a standalone pivot table, not one connected to an OLAP cube. Is there any way to generate Pdf files of a pivot table that's connected to an OLAP cube, based on...
  6. C

    VBA to test if a Cube is available before refreshing OLEDB Connection

    Hello, beautiful minds! I have an Excel file that connects to a Cube on a SQL database. I created that connection with Get Data > From Database > From Analysis Services. The cube I ma connecting to is updated every few hours and while that process is happening, I cannot work on my file. Is...
  7. N

    Workbook model doesn't show all data connections

    Hi, I have a workbook with a connection to a cube in an SQL Analysis Server (a .odc file). I have created a pivot table based on this connection. I have created another query in Power Query (a select * from a table in a SQL Server) and I want to relate this query to the cube and embed it to...
  8. N

    Load Planning

    Hello, I am looking for a spread sheet which will allow me to "cube" a trailer based, either by weight or space. Trailer and pallet restrictions/dimensions will vary depending on the ship to destination. I am targeting an excel based program due to in house restrictions (I have found other...
  9. T

    Slicer w new pivot datasources

    Hey there…I have a slicer linked to multiple pivots whose data connection is an olap cube. My goal is to change the olap cube connection and then change the data sources for all pivots and still attempting to keep the slicer in tack. Here was my approach: Add the new olap cube connection to...
  10. M

    Automatically update table refresh date using MDX in CUBE function?

    What is the correct way to get MDX into a CUBE function? I would like to display for my users on their worksheet when the last update of various tables in the data model occurred. We could do this with a macro or another query (probably run by a macro) but it seems there should be a way for a...
  11. A

    Insert calculated row in Pivot table

    Hi team, here is the issue that I have: I read data from multidimensional cube and there is this hierarchy:
  12. S

    Stock Storage Find The Right Location For Each Item

    Hi am trying to put set or rules for my stock in storage i have got different sizes storage room and different sizes items i have made a set of rules of my items example any item less then 10-8-8cm = 640 cm cube (Group 1 ) 20-10-10cem = 2000 cm cube (Group 2 ) and the storage name and size...
  13. D

    Cube Value Lookup

    I have an Excel 2016 PowerPivot data model where I'm trying to find a member value based on whether 4 other member values exist. A sort if "if" statement. If Values A, B, C & D exist, bring me back value E. Value E can be 1 of three things based on values A-D being found. I've researched...
  14. E

    Olap filter on dates using VBA and custom Date filter

    Hello Mr Excel, I have a tricky VBA code I'm trying to figure out, but cannot quite get the code to recognize my code for the dates. I'll try to clarify my issue and show blogs I've tried. I've build a table that includes 12-20 dates in the format YYYY-PMM so "Year"- "P" (Period) and "month"...
  15. S

    Last weeks sales

    Hi I’m looking for a way to have sales starting last Monday for the week. Below is what is use for today’s sales. What formula will pull sales starting Monday. = CUBEVALUE("ThisWorkbookDataModel", "[Measures].[SALES TOTAL NET RETAIL]", "[SALES TABLE].[TRANS DATE].&[" &...
  16. M

    Pull Data from OLAP cube into separate pivot tables and then make into master pivot table

    I currently have a workbook designed that uses data from several reports within our POS system. The problem is I have to run reports and export to excel, merge some reports so they are in one clean table, then copy and paste into my workbook. From there my pivot tables automatically refresh...
  17. R

    Run-time error '1004': Unable to get the PivotTables property of the Worksheet class

    Hi, I am trying to get a macro to run to automatically change the filters in a Pivot table linked to a Cube. I recorded the macro to begin with but I always get the error listed in the title of this thread. My code is: Sub CubeReconcile() Application.ScreenUpdating = False...
  18. O

    PowerPivot, have ID, want to display name - CUBEMEMBER & CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY & GETPIVOTDATA won't work.

    This should be simple, but I've fought it for DAYS. HELP! Excel 2010. PowerPivot with 3 tables. A few PowerPivot pivot's are in my Excel sheet. On a regular sheet, in a regular cell, in A1 I want to enter a customer ID. In A2, I want to display the customer's name. I can get measures &...
  19. T

    How to use Cube functions to perform Sumifs ( sum range , Start Date array, <=specific month end, End Date array, >=specific month end)

    Hello, I am trying to replicate standard excel functionality using cube functions. I have employee transactional data. This data contains a unique ID, an effective date, and an employee status - active or term. The data is sorted by empl id and effective date, both ascending. From this...
  20. R

    Need users list who are refreshing cube data using Ad-hoc reports

    Hi, Hope all are doing well, I got a requirement from my client that, they need users list who are refreshing cube data through ad-hoc reports(Power pivot). In detail,Every users had assigned a role in cube to access appropriate data through ad-hoc reports by connecting to the SSAS source.Every...

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