cumaltive total

  1. H

    Drill through overwrite the filters inside calculate

    Hello MrExcel members. I made a cumulative measure using calculate, all calendar and max date, very easy basic DAX. When I drill through from page to page in Power BI desktop report this cumulative measure doesn't work, more specific All Calendar doesn't work, because I tried using All Data...
  2. D

    Cumulative Total (Before, During, After)

    Hello, I'm trying to calculate the cumulative sum of time value (before, during, and after day of call) - see the last 3 columns. I've filled in the correct amounts below as a reference for the last 3 columns. What would be the best formula to calculate this? Essentially, my formula needs to...
  3. I

    Cumatlative total formula

    HI All, Hoping you can help with this. I have a list of costs, which are attributed by date. What I want to do is calcuate a rolling total cost for the outstanding items, by month. I cant seem to attach an example, however, I have manually added the figures up for now by filtering the data, by...
  4. Tori369

    Cumlative Total based on Rolling year not using today's date

    Hello All, Please bear with me, this is my first post :) I have read many threads on multiple sites (I'm only asking my question on this site though) and have yet to get an answer specific to my needs. I work in a hospital Blood Bank/Donor Center. There are many types of donations but your...

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