currency symbol

  1. L

    Currency symbol change throughout all worksheets

    I have a spreadsheet with 20+ worksheets. Throughout each sheet there are cells formatted for either "Currency" or "Accounting", depending on how I wanted the cell justified. The cells are currently set to show the USD symbol, but I would like for my users to be able to set the symbol to...
  2. C

    VBA to switch Currency Formats (USD, GBP, EUR, etc)

    My overall goal with the code below is to replace all $ formats in a workbook with £ or € as selected by the user. However the code seems to get stuck on the line " Application.ReplaceFormat.NumberFormat = ReplaceNew " which returns null. As far as I can tell, the only reason for this is...
  3. C

    Macro to extract numbers from a text string, perform math operations and return numbers back to text string.

    I need to convert commentaries in excel on financial data from dollars to euros every month. Rather than manually calculating and converting the numbers and changing the $ sign to €, is it possible to write a macro that extracts numbers from a text string, multiply the numbers by an exchange...
  4. E

    VBA - Change Currency with drop down box

    Hi all, I have implemented some VBA script so that when I change the type of currency in a drop down box on a sheet called "Data Sheet", all currency cells only in the rest of the workbook will change to reflect the new type of currency selected. This works fine for most of the sheets where...
  5. U

    Multiple Currency symbols in the same spreadsheet

    Hello, I searched the forum but could not find a solution for the problem I am facing. I have a common spreadsheet template. The template uses more than one currency - typically USD and one more. Which the second currency is, is dependent on which country's data is being entered. There are...
  6. Y

    Cannot Change the Currency Symbol to anything other then the US Dollar

    I am stumped. I have a spreadsheet that allows me to format (either currency or accounting) to US Dollar. However, any attempt to change to the euro, yen, etc. results in nothing being changed. Now if I open a completely different worksheet, everything looks fine. Yet I have compared all of the...
  7. albasheer

    Currency formatting based on three letter code in cell

    Hello, How can I custom format a cell to display the currency three-letter formatting based on an input in another cell. For example in Cell A1 I would enter ZAR and the format would be applied to a certain range. I am thinking it would be some sort of code applied to a button to press after...
  8. H

    currency symbol not aligned

    Hi, I am new to the forum and also not very savvy with Excel. This may be an easy question but I just don't know how to solve it. Any help is appreciated! I use Excel 2008 on mac. 1. I am using accounting format for the price column of my spreadsheet. I like how the figure is indented away...

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