1. N

    Getting Value as 8.5265128291212E-14 instead of getting 0 or zero in Textbox when values changed and calculated

    Hello Though explored quite few threads on this forum and other links. i did not get the right solution I am Getting value as 8.5265128291212E-14 instead of getting 0 or zero in Textbox when values changed and calculated. happens in tbx10 In worksheet the values are changed as per below...
  2. N

    For loop works until it has to work too much then program stops responding.

    The bellow macro was created to pull the notes from cells meeting specific criteria. That in mind, the code works perfectly and does exactly what is needed. the issue at hand is that the range the loop is running through can be anywhere from 1 to 10000. the loop can handle search for and pull...
  3. S

    Formula for one Row Ok. but for range require syntax

    Hello if my formula looks like this With ws .Range("CU" & curRow).Formula = "=CT" & curRow & "-CI" & curRow & "-CJ" & curRow End With then how can i Represent the above with below range With ws .Range("CU3" & ":CU" & lastRow).Formula = "=CT3" & ":CT" & lastRow & "-CI3" & ":-CI" & lastRow &...
  4. N

    Require correct positioning of Boolean Value to overcome some hassles

    Hello I had to incorporate the REM marks below to see the Searched value of comboBox which displays the respective curRow Data in All Textboxes of Respective Columns of that curRow coding in Class Module: Class2AllTextboxes Option Explicit Public WithEvents AllTextBoxEvent As...
  5. N

    Next Button Clicked Get Run-Time Error -'2147024809(80070057)

    Hello I get the following error when NextButton Clicked. Can anyone help me to reoslve the same FYI : both forms are VbModeless Could not Find the specific object Run-Time Error -'2147024809(80070057) at this line in userform2 CmdNext_click coding : Ws.Cells(curRow, i).Value =...
  6. E

    Cannot Find Missing Statement Closing

    I have some code that I have written. I had it working then made a small tweak to it. The code publishes a letter of customer specific data from a template held in the workbook. I have been tweaking with the original code to change formatting and the eliminate pre-existing SQL queries that are...
  7. R

    Unique last match udf

    Hello All, I have managed to use nested index match to get the first match with multiple criteria but really struggled to get the last match until I found these article...
  8. N

    Help to correct Syntax ... Error: Wrong number of Arguements or Invalid property Arguement

    Hi Can someone help me to correct my syntax below As i am getting error Wrong number of Arguements or Invalid property Arguement Dim a as Variant Dim matchValueString as String Dim curRow as Long Dim lstRow as Long a = Application.Match(matchValueString, (xWk.Range(Cells(3, curRow), Cells(3...
  9. gheyman

    Verifying Certain Cells have input

    I have code that I want to run only if several cells have data in it. E7 E9 E11 E13 E15 M7 M9 M11 M13 M15 I don't want it to do an If for each individual cell (If, then, If, Then....) I want to run the code and check these. If any are blank, stop the code and open UserForm5 Private Sub...
  10. gheyman

    Help with modifying this code

    Someone gave me this code and I am trying to use it in another workbook where the location of items are different. I modified most of it successfully. But its putting the results in Columns A and B I need it to put these values in R and S (its currently putting the results in the correct...
  11. U

    How do I get the Function row and not the active row?

    I wrote a function that works when I enter it one row at a time because it uses the ActiveCell.row function. But when I copy that function down all of the results are looking at the ActiveCell's row and not the row the function is on. Here is the command, how do I change it? CurRow =...

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