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    How to set the % running total of pivot table as % of the grand column total, instead of % of each subtotal?

    I think Excel only allows running total percentage calculation using the subtotal as a denominator. Can I set the grand column total as 100% instead? Thank you!
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    Pivot Table Custom Calculation = Average (FieldX) * Count (FieldX)

    Hello, I'm trying to perform a custom calculation in a pivot table, but I'm still struggling with it. I want to do something like = Average (FieldX) * Count (FieldX) Is this possible? Regards, Pedro
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    Pivot Table Custom Calculation displays #NULL!

    I have a pivot table that tracks Rents Billed by property, year and month. The rows contain the Property ID and Year, the columns contain the Month. There is a custom calculation to show the % Increase of difference from previous year and month. The calculation works fine for all the years...
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    Custom Calculation in Grand Total in pivot tables

    Hi, I created a macro which creates a pivot table. a screenshot is attached (or the URL to the image is View image: screen) My problem is that i need the Sum of CPL totals to not do the actual totals but rather a custom calculation. CPL refers to Spending divided by Registration. For...
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    Pivot Tables - Custom Calculations with Total

    Hi everybody, I am looking for help on a seemingly simple problem: Pivot Table which contains the following fields: Project/ Cost Type/ Item in Row Month in Column "Budget in this month", "Cost in this month" and "Accumulated Costs so far" in Data Now I would like to show a field "Usage of...
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    Custom Pivot Field: StdDev(x)/SQRT(count(x))

    Hi all, I'm sure this has been addressed in general, but I hope you will forgive a new forum member asking it again. I tried searching. I'm using Pivot Tables. When I set the Pivot Table fields, you can choose the source field, and the formula under "summarize by". The formulas...
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    Pivot table Custom Calculations

    I have a very large data set that I am using a pivot table to complete analysis on. The issue I am having is creating a custom calculation using the resulting pivot table data. Let me run you through a basic example. The lead and app numbers below are the result of a count function in a pivot...

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