custom functions

  1. K

    Struggling with ranges vs arrays in a custom function

    I have created the following custom function called CumArray(), which returns an ARRAY of running row and/or column totals from a RANGE of discrete values, which I then use within array functions in a worksheet, and it works very nicely, for example: {=MyRange*CUMARRAY(MyRange)} However...
  2. C

    Creating simple custom function - multiply

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to create a custom function that find the percentage of a selected cell. Below is the long hand of the formula I am trying to program. =(cell selected)*90% Ideally I'd like the percentage to be a variable (user enters). Thank you!
  3. J

    Data from custom function not refreshing automatically in spreadsheet

    I had this excel file with some functions inside a Pivot Table, which use a year value as filter (the value comes from a report filter field) and data from a different spreadsheet to calculate a percentile value ... I created custom functions to replace the excel functions, passing the values as...
  4. K

    Extract Repeat Values

    Hey guys, I am helping a friend with a statistical model and he wanted to know the repeat values. Till now having conditional formatting was enough (highlight the repeat values with simple countif <tbody> =COUNTIF($H7:$M7,B7)>0 </tbody> was serving the purpose but now he wants to do further...
  5. S

    VBA Custom Functions

    Hi, I have a custom function which I created in VBA for Excel. The VBA was originally saved in a module in each Excel file that I was using it with however this has resulted in version control issues whenever I need to make any code changes. I have since switched to saving the VBA as an...
  6. D

    Restricting values for an argument in UDF

    I've made a custom unit conversion function to include units not included with the CONVERT function in excel. The gist of the code is below Option Explicit Function Conv(Amount As Double, Class As String) As Variant Dim factor As Double, A(57,1) As Variant, B(13,1) As Variant, UnitType As...
  7. P

    Help for custom functions in xl2010 windows8 server

    I have written a custom function with the signature: Function Contains(TestRange As Range, CriteriaRange As Range) As Long The function works with no problems. When I click the "fx" button to right of the range name box, a pop-up appears to allow me to select a function category...
  8. E

    interpreting macro

    I have a code that I tried that doesn't seem to be working in excel. Can anyone tell me what it does and how to use it? Thanks. Sub macro1() For i = 2 To 100 Step 4 Range("A" & i) = ZipConvert(Range("A" & i)) Next i End Sub
  9. A

    Custom Formula: Vlookup in small areas with one column?

    Ok, so maybe I need a vlookup or maybe I need a different fuction. Here is the story: I have a data set of about 9,000 rows. In that data, there are groups of similar information, and all similar data to is grouped in adjacent rows. Some are sets of 2, some of 7, and some are incomplete...
  10. D

    Excel Add-In Question

    I have created an Excel Add-In with custom Excel functions that are intensely recursive causing them to run very slowly. Is there a way to write the input variables from the custom function into a tab in the XLA file? If I set up a relatively simple table of calculations in the XLA file, the...
  11. A

    Unlimited Arguments for Custom Functions

    I just started fooling around w/ VBA yeseterday, so I'm still getting my bearings. I know how to create functions in which the arguments are explicitly stated i.e. Function LINK3(num1, num2, num3) num1 = (1 + (num1 / 100)) num2 = (1 + (num2 / 100)) num3 = (1 + (num3 / 100)) LINK3...
  12. N

    Help! Adding Description to Custom Functions

    How do you add descriptions to custom Excel functions such that while filling in the required fields, the descriptions to the required fields are shown below in a pop up bubble? (as shown in the below image) <a...
  13. D

    Ranges Used In Custom Functions

    I am trying to create an Excel Add-In that includes custom functions for a user to use on any spreadsheet they have open. My problem is that one of the function variables needs to be either a 2 column range (for vlookup) or an array that is also available globally in Excel. Any thoughts???

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