custom list

  1. B

    Custom sort not working correctly on larger file

    Hi, Is there a way to make custom sort work correctly on larger files? I created a custom list but both in VBA and in regular excel it does not work correctly on larger files, while it does work perfectly fine on smaller files. Is this a known issue and is there a way to resolve this? Current...
  2. starl

    VBE says there's code running but I can't find the code - then Excel crashes

    I've got a project (client confidential, cannot share) that, after the code runs, will eventually crash (eventually means less than 5 minutes or even 10 minutes later, it just sitting there doing nothing). I was in the VBE once before a crash, but I wasn't able to do anything (VBE was 'locked...
  3. S

    Using VBA to Sort a Table with a Custom List

    Hi, Thanks for looking at this... I have the code below that takes a custom sorted list from a Listbox in a Userform puts the items in to an Array and then creates a custom sort to be applied to a table called 'RotaOutbound'. The code all works fine when I tested it on a list in a column but...
  4. gmooney

    Excel Custom Lists?

    I just created a custom list in an Excel file that I am using for a Slicer and pivot table filter. I emailed the file to another person and the custom list did not transfer with the file? How can I make sure that the custom list stays in the file?
  5. Hawks18

    Custom List for Sort Order - Using Sorted Values w/ Commas

    So, I've got a unique scenario that I can't figure out and doesn't seem to have been solved elsewhere yet. Excel allows users to create "Custom List" data for sorting cells - unfortunately, these lists are inherently delimited via commas and it seems to be non-negotiable. Ordinarily, it...
  6. L

    Custom List Sort with Run-time Error

    Hello - I hoping someone can help me with this. I created a macro using the Macro Recorder to sort a column on my spreadsheet by a custom list. CUSTOM LIST: PROJECT CANCELLED STAGE 1 - PI STAGE 2 - RD STAGE 3 - W STAGE 4 - LV STAGE 5 - LD PROJECT COMPLETE VBA CODE...
  7. E

    Pivot Table Custom List Filter?

    Is there a way to copy and paste a certain list of values into the pivot tab slicer or filter? For example, the pivot table returns result for 1000 account codes, but I only want to see the results for 200 of those 1000. I have the list of the 200 account codes that I want to see results for. I...
  8. T

    Excel VBA Add Custom List on Open

    Hello, I have a distributable workbook that utilizes custom sort lists. I would like to include a macro in the file that (when someone else opens the file) automatically runs and imports the custom lists. I have a macro that adds the lists but the issue is on repeated use. Currently, if the...
  9. G

    List with check boxes of varying lenght

    Hello, I have a list of recipes, say recipe 1-10 in the B column (and these recipes have hyperlinks to other sheets where the recipe actually are, more on this in a minute). I have check boxes that are linked to their corresponding cells horizontally. What I am trying to do is create a list...
  10. K

    How can I sort a PivotTable using a custom list in VBA?

    I am looking to write a code in VBA such that it will let me sort a pivottable according to a customized list. Thanks so much.
  11. S

    Sorting By Custom List

    I am using MS Excel 2010. I have created a custom list with the following data in this order: CY2010Q1 CY2010Q2 CY2010Q3 CY2010Q4 CY2011Q1 CY2011Q2 CY2011Q3 CY2011Q4 CY2012Q1 CY2012Q2 CY2012Q3 CY2012Q4 CY2013Q1 CY2013Q2 CY2013Q3 CY2013Q4 I have selected the entire worksheet by clicking the...
  12. smatterchu

    My custom list is >2,000 character - how can I custom sort this spreadsheet?

    I have monthly reports that need to be sorted in an order other than ABC. I have the proper order of each product, and the list is 79 separate items/rows (over 2,500 characters). I tried to create/import a custom list and ran into the character limit. How can I set up some sort of lookup...
  13. C

    Custom sorting *not* using a custom list

    I've tried to use the custom list function to sort data using Excel 2007, but it's apparently limited to a list of 255 items whereas I have about 3000. Can anyone help me with macro code to sort a selection based on the order of a list in a separate workbook/worksheet? (list will be stored in...
  14. A

    Custom sort with blanks

    Hello In a macro I add a custom sort list based on a list/range on (Page A), then I sort a list on Page A based on the custom list. Finally it "worked" in that there were no more syntax errors, but it is sorting alphabetically, NOT in the order specified on the other page ???? 1. So my first...
  15. T

    Custom List - how to embed in workbook

    I have created a custom list (Tools, Options, Custom List) in Excel 2003 to create an alphabetical series. It seems that a custom list resides on the computer where it is created (in the registry). Is there any way to embed the custom list within the workbook, so that when the file is edited...
  16. C

    Advanced Filter using data sorted by Custom Lists

    I have a database of employee information such as Level (e.g., associate, manager, senior manager, executive), Skills (e.g., accounting, marketing), Skill Proficiency (e.g., low, medium, high). I have created custom lists for Level and Skill Proficiency where, for example, an executive is ranked...
  17. C

    Custom lists and pivot tables

    I was unable to find an answer on the message board, I've created a custom list for another purpose, that I would like to keep. The problem I have is that when I create a pivot table that contains any of the values from that custom list, they automatically sort to the top of the pivot table...
  18. A


    I have 27 different divisions identifed by numbers. How do I create a custom list so that I do not have to type them all in each time. I am having trouble trying to import a list of those numbers and it is not working for me.

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