1. Y

    custom data validation formula

    I'm using Excel custom data validation to restrict entry in D2, if D1 is 0 or blank. The formula =D1>0 works just fine if D1 is a number greater than 0, but if DI is blank, the restriction does not work. Put another way, I want a blank cell In D1 to be treated as if it was a zero. I've tried...
  2. Y

    custom data validation formula

    I'm using Excel custom data validation to restrict entry in D2, if D1 is 0 or blank. The formula =D1>0 works just fine if D1 is a number greater than 0, but if DI is blank, the restriction does not work. Help for this formula please?
  3. P

    VBA Cutsom function breaks on updating another workbook

    Hi! I have write a custom function sista raden means last row: Public Function SISTARADEN() Dim a, h As Integer a = Worksheets("Stl").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row - 1 h = Worksheets("Stl").Cells(Rows.Count, "H").End(xlUp).Row - 1 If a > h Then SISTARADEN = a...
  4. S

    Naming custom date ranges

    Hi every one, I have a large database with 10 years of data I want to extract monthly data from it but the problem is that my monthly period starts at 9th of every month and ends at 8th of next month . I want to have a column that shows which month is the line in (my custom month) how can I do...
  5. D

    card browser custom visual is not working with date field

    Assalam u Alikum, Dear Team, thanks in advance for your support as usual, I am looking forward for the solution regarding card browser custom visual the problem I am facing is that when I drop the date field from my excel data in power bi SUB TITLE field its only displayed 3 cards, where ever...
  6. M

    Average exclude text, 0, and blank cels - Function or macro

    Hi, I would like to ask you for help with macro or custom function for this. Calculate average for n cell and exclude 0, blank cells, -, text. Every time is different amount of calculated cells. How to write macro or custom function. My try is here but it is only for 2 calculating cell and...
  7. L

    Digit placeholder

    Hi I am trying to understand custom excel number format. So I am reading the article below. It says # is digit placeholder.... What does that mean? what does placeholder means here? Thanks
  8. S

    Custom Column in PQ

    Hi, can anyone please tell what is wrong in this if ([DeliveryTime]-[SUBMISSION_TIME])<0 then [DeliveryTime]-[SUBMISSION_TIME]+1 else [DeliveryTime]-[SUBMISSION_TIME]
  9. J

    Power Query Custom Column Question

    I have a file that contains transactions that are broken down into credits and debits. The issue I have is that the debits are not presented as negative numbers. I tried to create a custom column that stated if the transaction type = Debit than multiply it by -1 else keep the original amount...
  10. sharky12345

    Fully load ribbon before showing Userform

    I have a workbook with a custom ribbon that I've created using the Custom UI editor, and the workbook shows a userform on opening. The problem I have is that the userform appears before the custom ribbon has fully loaded - is there a way around this? If I close the userform the ribbon then...
  11. H

    Custom Format with slashes between number

    I have a number 19920195872597 I need a to format this as 1992/01958725/97 It would be appreciated if someone could assist me using a custom format
  12. G

    Power Query Add Column w/ Lookup from a Different Table

    I have a sheet now where I created a conditional column which required me to enter the data manually. I'd like to be able to this with Power Query grabbing the info from a separate table. Example Code (Now): #"XX Create Segments" = Table.AddColumn(#"Sorted Rows", "Segments", each if...
  13. L

    Custom Format 2 Colours

    Hey, I'm trying to show my percentage changes with percentage and up or down arrow. I've used the custom format for green for positive and red for negative but this makes the number coloured aswell when I want to to retain as black. [Green]0%▲;[Red]-0%▼; I noticed I can't use this...
  14. P

    Excel Custom Function Creation with Existing Functions

    Is it possible to create a custom Excel function that incorporates pre-existing Excel funcions? If so, what is the propert syntax to do this in the VBA Module builder? To give you more info, I currently have to add multiple SUMPRODUCT functions to capture data on multiple tables to summarize...
  15. V

    Fixing Filter Containing Custom Number Format

    Hi all, I am using a custom number format ( m/d/yyyy;;"Date not Found";@ ) for a formula that is finding dates for specific codes (the dates can run from 2011 through 2019). The formula I am using is this: =IFERROR(INDEX(Dates!G:G,MATCH(H12,Dates!B:B,0)),"Code not Found") The formula works...
  16. J

    Replacing values in a table column using a custom function

    I'm new to Power BI and Power Query in Excel (right now I'm working in Excel 2016). When working with the Advanced Query Editor, I have learned I can invoke custom functions I've built in the M Query language, so they run on columns in a table and generate a new column that holds the results of...
  17. C

    VBA - Custom Format "00" if cell contains number

    I have a list of Revisions and I basically want to make sure that any revision that is a number (NOT a letter) is custom formatted "00" so it shows as a Rev. 01, 02, 03, etc and NOT just Rev. 1, 2, 3. I want this to be via VBA as I have an Excel Add In I am creating for other users. There are...
  18. D

    Custom formatted cells. Can't concatenate or save format in TXT file

    Hi Folks, I have some data in a workbook (sheet 1). In sheet 2 I am trying to pull together bits of the data into a format that a client can use to upload the information to their systems. Where I have the price of something in sheet 1 £19.99 in sheet 2 this information needs to be...
  19. D

    Custom conditional formatting + table = worksheet.change event not firing?

    Hey guys, I've posted about this before, however I think I've narrowed down the issue. Could someone please confirm though if this is a known bug in Excel 2010, or just some wierd thingamajigger? I've got a range formatted as a table, and one of the columns uses a custom conditional formatting...
  20. L

    how to understand number custom format

    Hi I want to understand these codes under number custom formatting. For example what does #,##0;-#,##0 mean or what does #,##0.00;[Red]-#,##0.00 mean. Is there any website/video explain step by steps what these codes mean and how you can created your own. I have seen some video/articles...

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