1. K

    Custom number format

    i am importing numbers in a classification hierarchy in the form of 00:00.00. Excel won't accept this format without converting it to some type of time. For instance if my number is 84:24.04, it will convert it to 24:24.04. That is after I change the standard custom of mm:ss.0 to mm:ss.00...
  2. D


    Hi, I have a list of numbers that I have been inputting into a column. The problem I have been encountering is due to the different numbers being entered into each cell. I have data with numbers from 6 to 14 characters long. I have tried to format the cells with; general, numbers and custom each...
  3. N

    Custom Sort - Use Last Letter

    I have a list of data that I am cleaning. It has 5 columns. I need the following to happen to get the data in the orderthat I need it in. I have tried everythingI can think of, but I keep ending up with issues. Column D is a combination of 2 letters, i.e. XA, GS,RY. It will always be two. I...
  4. tlc53

    Data Validation - List + Custom

    Hi, The only data I would like inputted into cell F15 are numbers 840, 841,842, 843 & 844. Also, you can only input into this cell (F15) if cell B15 is populated. Little stumped on this. Can someone help me with the data validation formula please? Thank you!
  5. B

    Custom Format- Feet & Inch

    I was wandering if it was possible to have a cell that when you entered 240 and hit enter it would show 240 (20')? I was hoping this would be possible with the custom option in the format cells dialog. Thanks for the Help.
  6. M

    Custom View results do not update formula results in Office 365

    I have a workbook that has about 38000 rows of data and about 20 columns. The workbook contains a custom view with about 6 custom views on the dialog list. The custom views filters the data. A typical filter may involve 2 to 6 columns. The workbook has a formula to count the rows...
  7. S

    Custom Formatting - Number & Text

    Hello, everyone! I am trying to create a spreadsheet to track action items for contract task orders. To make things easier for me to avoid formatting mistakes (the spreadsheet will be editable by more than just me) I would like to create a custom formatting that takes an entered ID number -...
  8. A

    Custom Date format to a standard date format

    Hi All, Apologies if this is totally daft, nube etc. I'm fairly green to excel, so your assistance and forgiveness is sought after. I have been given a date in the following format as plain text "MAR 4, 2019" and I wish to convert it to 04/03/2019 using excel. I have 1400 different the...
  9. A

    Need $ Sign Visible In Custom Number Format

    [<=1000000]#0.00,," K";[>=1000000]#0.00,," M";0.0 Hi Folks. What would I do to make this custom format display a $ sign followed by one space prior to the number? So instead, for example, of 5.21 M it would show $ 5.21 M. Thanks in advance for your time!! Best, Aimee in Madison
  10. L

    Custom List Sort with Run-time Error

    Hello - I hoping someone can help me with this. I created a macro using the Macro Recorder to sort a column on my spreadsheet by a custom list. CUSTOM LIST: PROJECT CANCELLED STAGE 1 - PI STAGE 2 - RD STAGE 3 - W STAGE 4 - LV STAGE 5 - LD PROJECT COMPLETE VBA CODE...
  11. C

    Automatically sort data using a custom list when entering new data

    Hello, I would like to sort my data by the data in column A whenever I add new data to that column. I can easily sort the data alphabetically automatically, however I would like to sort this data by a custom order. The 4 different inputs allowed for this column are 1. keep/sold, 2. must win...
  12. A

    how to allow multiple entries in a cell with a formula in custom data validation?

    I have a column in an excel sheet that users input data I want to make it so they can't miss something important. Using data validation custom formula works great to ensure the user only inputs ##-##-##[A-Z]### however I want to be able to allow them to add multiple entries into a cell with only...
  13. A

    enable the new Insert Custom Visual experience in Excel 2019 Pro Plus

    Hello Sir, I am trying to find or enable the new Insert Custom Visual experience in Excel 2019 Pro Plus (Microsoft Excel 2019 MSO (16.0.11328.20156) 64-bits) My Excel is not showing this in the ribbon. I am using Version 1902 (build 11328.20158) There is a chapter called Try Example...
  14. M

    Custom format as ;;; to make text invisible but doesn't work with filter?

    Hi I thought I had found an amazing solution to an issue whereby a column I wanted to filter had blank rows in between. I autofilled the rows with the value above but as I didn't want the text to show no matter what the cell colour was changed to, I formatted the cells using custom ;;; this...
  15. JenniferMurphy

    Custom number format sometomes fails

    Maybe the Alzheimer's is worse than I thought. I am trying to use this custom format to get numbers right-justified, but with a small margin on the right. 0.00_. It works almost all of the time. There is one situation in one workbook where it fails and I cannot figure out why. If I enter some...
  16. G

    Performance issue in extracting data from excel file (find folder)

    Hello, I am new to using query and I am trying to extract data from a report in an excel file (report_1). The first 5 rows in the excel file are irrelevant (report details and caveats) with the information laid out with column headers in row 6. I have created a query to extract the...
  17. K

    Customizing Time Formats

    i'm losing sleep y'all... Cell a1 has 1:40:35...cell a2 has :45, so selected a1 and dragged the anchor down to a2 and clicked "Formatting Only", but it remained :45. why??? I've tried every "time" and "custom time" cell format change:crash: any help :huh::pray:
  18. muhammad susanto

    Custom Number Formula to Make Adding Mark "." (Dot) Between 2 Number

    hi all... i need your help to figure it out this problem use Custom Number Formula <thead> entry expected result </thead><tbody> 11 1.1 23 2.3 41 4.1 32 3.2 </tbody> any help greatly appreciated... sst.
  19. D

    Expand the size and ultimately the capacity of [Ribbon] Custom Tab

    Two part question. I currently have 6 macros in my workbook will likely grow to +-10. I created a Custom [Ribbon] Tab with One Group With 5 macros in the group, the macro and icons present fine When I add a 6th one, the first three item appear in full size but the last three are stacked one on...
  20. D

    Custom ribbon tab button disappers spasmodically

    Thanks in advance for your assistance. I have produced a Leave Diary builder in Excel 2010 which has a custom ribbon tab. Based on the name of the workbook, I show or hide certain buttons on the custom tab. When I open the workbook it shows only the one Build button on the custom tab. If...

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