1. BrianM

    Transfering Customized Ribbion to new machine.

    Hello all, I'm currently running Windows 10 - Office 2013. I'm getting a new machine, is there a way to copy all my new tabs from my customized ribbon to my new machine. Normally, I just take a bunch of screenshots and the redo them on when I get a new machine; but, this is a lengthy process. Brian
  2. M

    Validation customized cell("B9")

    Hi all, I need a formula to Validation "B9" cell: i.e. if into B8 there is number "1" or "2" then into B9 I can not put anything but if B8 is 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 then into B9 I can put in only 1 or 2 Tia. Maurizio
  3. M

    customized ribbon VBA

    Hi All, I tried to record macro to set-up customized ribbons. As results, there is no recorded macro. Does that means that we can not customize ribbons by macro or it's only the recording that does not work? Thanks!
  4. A

    VBA Customized Ribbon disappeared

    Hi, I have built a customized ribbon in VBA. This worked well and suddenly it disappeared... In VBA I added "loss of state" and the physical address of the ribbon, but how can I retrieve it now? Many thanks for your quick reply.
  5. F

    Advanced - Customized Chart

    Hi, I need to create a chart which have two columns, as xlCylinderColClustered, but one of the columns must be as xlCylinderColStacked, can someone please help me? I have tried even with some macross, but i guess in excel 2010 this kind of charts can't be combined into one single chart, am I...
  6. Erni76

    How to copy customized macros and toolbars to another PC

    Hi Team !!! I would like to copy my customized toolbars and mocros to another PC. I copied already PERSONAL.XLS file but this way only macros are transferred. 1. How to copy customized toolbars with my own pictures on buttons ? 2. The "sours machine" use Excel 2003, SP3, (Polish), the...

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