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    I've discovered this thread from a little time, so if it's possible i post another doubt. I have this formula (really is longer but if a part is correct i suppose that all can be correct as well) =IF(D15<>0,5 +IF(E15<>0,5 +IF(F15>0,5))) I wanna have a total that give me a value if any,one,or...
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    Copy only texts and values only but not formulas from one workbook to another

    Is there a macro that copies only text and values but leaves the formulas in their cells when copying ranges from one workbook to another? Some ranges have formula in them but I do not want to copy them from one workbook to another. ODIN was kind enough to send me the code that copies...
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    Single Cells with Range on Workbook BeforeSave

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with a Macro that checks if certain cells contain data before the workbook can be saved. I copied the VBA code from the Microsoft online documentation about the Workbook.BeforeSave Event (Excel) and I cannot get it to work if working at Workbook level. The VBA...
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    Very tricky problem, can anyone help?

    Hello! =IF(AND(D15>=$J26,D15<$J26+7),$G26,IF(D15>$J26,INDEX($H$38:$H$136,COLUMNS($D$16:D16)),0)) If the date D15 is within the range AND(D15>=$J26,D15<$J26+7), then fill the cell with $G26. If the date D15 is outside the above range, and it is lower than $J26, then fill the cell with 0. If the...
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    Excel complex formula for me..

    Hi All, Couple of things i havent been able to get sorted out yet, first if C15 is 50 or less add 1 to D15 and 2 to E15, or if C15 is =51 <75 add 1 to D15 and 3 to E15, etc.. 2nd if O2 or R2 is Purple,Orange,teal or aqua and H2 is red add(Sheet2-C15 to sheet1-F17),green add(Sheet2-D15 to...
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    VBA Multiple condition formatting for OR statements.

    So I'm looking to do something in VBA that has multiple conditions.. Dim Cutwidth1butt2 As Integer Cutwidth1butt2 = [M7].Value - [E14].Value If [C14] = "2" Or [C15] = "3" Or [C16] = "4" Or [C17] = "5" And [D14] <> "" Or [D15] <> "" Or [D16] <> "" Or [D17] <> "" And [E14] <> "" Or [E15] <> ""...

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