data acquisition

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    scrapping from website

    Hello friends, I want to extract specific data (Table) from this website ( ). I am attaching a photo for clarification. Pls help me it urgent. Thanks
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    Power Query takes ages to load JSON data from web

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to Power Query and am having some trouble when it comes to loading times. When I refresh all data in the workbook (which is just the queries) it takes 7 minutes (I got a little frustrated and actually timed it haha) for everything to load and for me to be able to...
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    Generating REAL TIME (no 15 min delay) stock prices in Excel

    Hi there, I am looking for a wizard to help me out on this one. I've created a rather advanced Excel workbook that tracks stocks (analyses, gives alerts, atc). The only thing missing is real time stock prices. I have tried many many things to get real time stockprices in my spreadsheet (power...
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    Massive Data VLookup Spanning Multiple Ranges

    Hello. Looking for a solution to the below. I basically have a user-input file where the ID that the user enters should retrieve 3 pieces of data relevant to that ID with a VLOOKUP. The problem is that the data source is very large. I've put all the data on one excel tab, thinking that would...
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    How to import Excel columns into Python (Word2Vec text processing)?

    I want to import ,say, D column from .xls (not csv) file, data is range, not table. How to do that ? I found how to import named column, but not basic
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    How to create selection dependant comboboxs and define data source

    Hello, A forum contributer helped me create a dynamic array for 2 comboboxs which works great. Now I would like to understand how to either create a third combobox or set of third comboboxs based on the selection in box 2? Presently the first row of all columns is the title with the data below...
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    ComboBox,select case all working except one column not showing

    Hello, I have used some code from the net to create a dynamic data range for selection from the combo box. It all works well except one column. The column title displays in the first combo-box but the range does not display in the second? It is called the exact same way as all the rest and i...
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    Pull data from a defined list of files and summarise on a single sheet

    Hello, I have a workbook which has a named ranged which contains the full path to a number of Excel workbooks. I'm trying to put a macro together that can pull data (either by opening in each of the files in the background, copying and pasting and then closing the file OR using the OLEBD or...
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    Report generation based on value in two cells

    Dear All, I have file with 3 sheets 1. TE Deliverables 2. Job Cards 3. Processes In all the sheets, data is filled against activity VS date Vs employee the activity lists is in rows whereas the dates are in column and under each date there are 3 staff. so basically same date is repeated in 3...
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    Using the Data Tab to Setup a real-time connection with a Website - Possible?

    I would like to set up a workbook so that I can retrieve the front pages of various news websites, and am curious what the quickest way to do that would be, if it is possible. As a pilot run, I have been using the Data tab to try and retrieve the headlines from, and have not had...
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    VBA to automatically update chart.

    Dear MrExcel community, I have a problem where I am trying to extract values from a dynamic (i.e. input are likely to change) worksheet to specific charts. Now, the dynamic worksheet is my "Data Input" worksheet and I have several chart plots depending on this. What I need, is a smart way to...
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    Excel Get data - from web 404 error

    I am trying to get data from a website into a table in Excel. I am just using the regular button (get data - from web) in Excel (No code) Works fine for two websites but for a different website I am getting the following error: Details: "The remote server return an HTTP status code '404' when...
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    Predict Sales between two dates based on history sales per Quarter

    Hi, If I had two dates from 1/15/2018 to 7/10/2018 and I Had sales per day from historical data : Qtr1 - 20 - per day Qtr2 - 25 - per day Qtr3 - 18 - per day Qtr4 - 32 - per day I wanna know how much I'll sold based on this data per quarter like this : from 1/15 to 3/31 how many working days...
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    What's the best approach here? (Data Acquisition)

    Hey, I'm a beginner at excel but I was tasked with refurbishing our budget template. It's a construction company and in the budget we describe what we're doing and what materials we use and price it by units, square meters etc.. The thing is we use a lot of materials, and looking them up by...
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    Drop down lists and pulling data from worksheet based on drop down selection

    Hello MrExcel community! I am in need of some assistance. I am trying to implement a new staff directory for Special Education staff assigned to schools for the very large school district I am employed by. I have created a data worksheet (Master) with all 180 schools and up to 13 staff...
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    Enter data into rows based on values in another column?

    Hi, I am creating a summary of temperatures logged every hour for three years at several different locations. I am summarizing by the hour (row headings) and location (column headings). The problem is, some locations only logged temperatures every two hours, while some logged every hour. When I...
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    Local Maximum of Streaming Torque Data - VBA

    Hi guys, I have a machine that is spitting out torque data that I am transferring into excel. I decided to filter it so that I am not overwhelmed with data that I do not require (no torque / 0 values). The data is also converted into inch lbs from NM. New data is added to the top row of the...
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    Trying to retain data in one part of my worksheet which comes from formula in another part

    I have a worksheet setup to record household expenses and income (on a daily basis) and provide reporting at the same time. In part of the worksheet I record the daily expenses and income with totals at the bottom. I have very basic formula which adds up the daily amounts and gives a total for...
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    Power Query Connecting to SharePoint

    While trying to connect Power Query to a list in SharePoint I continue to receive the following error: "We encountered an error while trying to connect to "[SharePoint Site]". Details: "SharePoint: Request failed (404): The remote server returned error: (404) Not Found. (Cannot find resource...

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