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    Predict Sales between two dates based on history sales per Quarter

    Hi, If I had two dates from 1/15/2018 to 7/10/2018 and I Had sales per day from historical data : Qtr1 - 20 - per day Qtr2 - 25 - per day Qtr3 - 18 - per day Qtr4 - 32 - per day I wanna know how much I'll sold based on this data per quarter like this : from 1/15 to 3/31 how many working days...
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    Use of Analysis Tool Pack

    Generate 500 random numbers from 100 to 240 and perform the following using Data Analysis Tool Pack. a) Histogram (Interval 20) Also, make the frequency distribution tables using frequency and countifs function. how do i do this ?
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    Growing out of Excel - what is next? (seeking career advice too)

    Hi all - I want to connect with some people that have gone through what I am going through. I have been using Excel for two years, a little bit of Access, but I think our data volume is outgrowing Excel. We are looking in to some solutions. I was curious about how I move forward as a data...

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