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    Transform text in cells in to table (VBA)

    Hello, dear VBA masters Does anybody know how to transform text in cell into table using VBA I have a list of our customers with their contact information. The emails and phone numbers are being stored in the cells. I need to extract them and create the table and use them / update and etc in...
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    selective filtering so that select rows only if cell A or cell B contains a value

    Hi: I have a dataset that contains baseball record, I want to pick only one team to look at, so is there anyway I can apply filter on HomeTeam and VisitTeam so that if either HomeTeam or VisitTeam contains the team name, say PHI, the who row stays? E.g: I have the data HomeTeam VisitTeam...
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    Pivot Table - VBA - Format Field Settings

    Hi, I have 1 pivot table with over 10 Field List items. I would like to know how I can change the Field Setting... from 'count' to 'sum' for all the values in the Data Area. Thank you !:)

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