data connection

  1. M

    Export data from connection to txt file without loading to tab.

    I have a data connection that contains 3M rows of data. I want to export a subset of that data (total 1.5M rows) to a text file. Can that be natively exported/written to txt file without loading to tab (which obviously is beyond row limitation for a sheet). If it is possible, I would be...
  2. V

    How can I run a macro after a data source refresh is completed?

    Tried looking around online, but I haven't come across anything that seems to do what I am trying to achieve. I would like for a macro to be run/called after a data connection has been refreshed whether it is automatic or manually done. I am also looking for the connection to refresh upon...
  3. D

    Appending Data from Web Data Connection to a Table

    There is a CSV data source online that publishes the latest data on COVID-19 cases in Austria. COVID-19: Überblick - The CSV file consists of one row with the latest number (cases, recovered, hospitalized, deaths, etc). I connected the data to an Excel file as a data connection...
  4. N

    Data Connections and Workbook Links

    I am creating links between 2 excel workbooks. When I open one workbook, there supposed to be a popup message as below for me to decide whether to update or don't update the links from the close workbook: In Trust Center, already checked "Prompt user about Data Connections" for Security...
  5. K

    Excel Datamodel refers to orignal file data when saving as new file.

    My workbook contains 2 different tables of data (table1 andtable2) both data tables have a column named “Product” and from each data tableI have created a pivot table (pivottable1 and pivottable2) In order for me to be able to use one single slicer toselect/filter the same value in both pivot...
  6. N

    Excel Web Data Connect with Username and Password

    Hello, I know this has been asked, because I have found prior threads. But hence my username, I'm pretty helpless when it comes to web data connections, especially password protected ones. I would like to do a web connect for a power query on fantasy football data. Here is the website...
  7. S

    Looping through sheets while setting up different data connection for each sheet

    Greetings Outstanding Mr. Excel Community, :) I have some experience with using Excel macros and VBA scripting but I don't know enough about loops and arrays to solve this little problem. I think I have just about all the code correct, so this should be an easy fix. Basically I have a workbook...
  8. C

    Refreshing Data Connection changing forumlas issue??

    Hello, I've recently run into an issue where the formulas in my summary tab are being changed when I refresh my data connection. Has anyone seen this before? Or know how to trouble shoot? To give some context there are two formulas below. When I refresh the data connection the $R:$R changes to...
  9. O

    VBA Data Connection refresh opens up relevant workbook if in use - Please Help?

    Context: I have been creating a dashboard to show a summary of various other workbooks. To do this I have setup data connections, which at the beginning of my macro are all refreshed using, Refresh All. The issue: If one or more of the workbooks, for which the data on my spreadsheet is...
  10. S

    Excel Data connection

    Hello I've created date connection to my sheet which simply an existing excel file. I need to modify that file to get the updated records in my sheet. The problem that i need to close my sheet before i modify the existing excel file. Is there a way to modify the source (The data connection file)...
  11. M

    Refreshable Data Connection from Web to Excel TABLE

    The end goal is to have an Excel Table with a refreshable data connection to a web table. The reason to have an Excel Table is to use that Table as a reference point on other sheets, to perform calculations on other sheets, and to create summaries on other sheets. All of this is made much...
  12. J

    VBA - Create Data Connection when CommandText is Too Long

    Hi, Usually, I use below VBA to create Data Connection with SQL database to extract data through MS Query. And it works perfectly fine. As defined, SQL_CommandText is a string where you can set your SQL. However, I get a huge SQL that is around 16,000 rows (40,000 characters). This VBA code...
  13. S

    Hyperlink question

    Hello, I have created a hyperlink on my spreadsheet with CONCATENATE, and it opens the file from my server just fine. It resides in G4. In H4, however, I would like to have a formula that pulls a value from that hyperlink in G4. I have this formula: ='[G4]2-4-16'!$I$4, but Excel still makes me...
  14. T

    Programmatically change connection string for excel source file for power pivot

    I have been struggling so long with this and I'm really in dispair since my last finding was that not all connection types can be updated. I have a PowerPivot that sources the data from another Excel file. I want to be able to send this PowerPivot file to a number of users and they should all...
  15. M

    Only partial data obtained from connection with Access 2007

    Hi, I have a data connection in Excel 2007 linked with an Access 2007 file. On my computer it works fine but on my colleagues computer it doesn't quite work. When he opens and updates the file, the linked table deletes some data. In the table once it gets past 13/08/2015 it does not produce...
  16. H

    2 Data Connections, 1 Table

    Hi, Quite a specific question, might even just be a 1 word answer (if it is, hopefully it's "no", as just answering "Yes" won't be that helpful)..... So currently I run 3 reports from 3 different systems that don't talk to each other. Previously, I would take the output from each and combine...
  17. B

    Excel 2010 Data Connection - Add Filter to Command Text

    Two relevant workbooks (sitting in the same shared drive): Historical Data.xlsx: with a table GLDATA, which includes a field cc Template.xlsx: with a named range COSTCENTER Question: How do I modify the Command Text in the Data Connections Properties dialog box (using either SQL or Table...
  18. G

    Questions about implementing a data connection

    I am new to data connections, and while it is working, it's not behaving as I expected. I have a form where the user enters an Order Number, and based on that value, I retrieve the Product Code, Lot Number and Product Description. I have established a data connection to an i5 server. I used the...
  19. M

    Automatically Insert Daily Forex Data in Excel

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of building a huge forex database in excel for my own analysis purposes. I have collected the past 30 years forex data for top four currency pairs! I would also like to keep the database up-to-date with daily forex information such as, opening, closing, high, low...
  20. R

    Multiple workbooks refresh from password-protected database. How to enter pwd/login just once?

    Hello, Our organization has about fifty scorecards in Excel, with three data connections apiece. All of them refresh from the same password-protected database. Is there a way to write a script that will open and refresh all the workbooks at once, wihtout having to type the login and password...

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