data consoldiation

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    PLEASE HELP with Macro for Data Consolidation

    To whom it may concern, Hello, my name is Jake, and today I'm working with a contact spreadsheet that is beyond my current skill set. I'm looking for help in writing a macro (I think that's what's needed). The command set is as follows: Look at columns A, B, C, D, & E (Sheet1) and determine...
  2. L

    XML files into Excel

    Hi all, I have to download 43 files from an outside vendor and then consolidate those files into one workbook. Currently they download into c:\Users\Downloads and I open each one individually and it converts into an excel table. Does anyone have any clues as to how can I easily get all of...
  3. G

    Consolidating Data

    Hi guys, I have some limited excel experience, but need help setting something up for my Mum. It is a record of shares she owns and the dividends they have paid her. I have a workbook with several sheets. each sheet has a table that is a record of an individual stock. Each table has 10...
  4. C

    Linking From and Re-Arranging Data

    I have a worksheet ("Roster") that lists all names in column F, and their assigned shift (1, 2, or 3) in column Q. I need to display the data in another sheet, with all names from shift 1 in one column, shift 2 in the next column, etc. I've tried VLookup, and Index & Match, but I only see...
  5. S

    Help please is suggesting project approach for multiple user data entry

    Workiing on an approval/database project. Approx. 50 users will fill out an Excel form and email (Outlook) it to one of three approvers at different times, maybe 5-10 a day in total. Approvers will make a decision and respond by email and also move data on request and approval to a single...

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