data entry

  1. H

    Graphing Help

    I have created a graph in excel. Sheet one contains the information and sheet 2 the graph. I have the potential to have 10 data entries to be graphed; however, it will take 10 weeks to get all 10 data entries. The graph will be printed periodically within the 10 weeks. If I only have 4 data...
  2. A

    Help with customizing userforms

    Hello, I'm new here and have only been using Excel for a short time, I have however taught myself quite a bit about it, but I'm stuck when it comes to macros and codes. Here's my situation, can you help me? I'm trying to create a database to store and sort sports statistics, ie football stats...
  3. M

    Newbie Challenged by Excel Data Entry form

    Hi All, I've only recently started working with Excel VBA, and am still a bit green behind the ears. I'm modifying a spreadsheet Data Entry for sales staff users to enter data via spreadsheet form. The form contains 107 data rows of numeric, string and date/time data. When a user runs the...
  4. dukeofscouts

    Data Validation Drop Down: Alternative?

    Is there a way to have a Cell drop down limit to a list of Taxt Values, but still allow any number input? I've got cells in one column that I use to track the amount of product left. I use text like Full, Empty, need to order, on back order alot so I thought to add those as Date Validiation to...
  5. S

    How to make a field 'optional' in a data entry sheet?

    I have a data entry sheet which takes the input values from one sheet and dumps them onto another sheet using the following macro: Sub UpdateLogWorksheet() Dim historyWks As Worksheet Dim inputWks As Worksheet Dim nextRow As Long Dim oCol As Long Dim myRng As Range...
  6. N

    Add cell content via a form/window

    hi guys, I have a database of products (car parts) with description price, quantity etc. I am writing the descriptions, howveer need to include the compatability of the products. I am looking for a macro that will: Open a window with a drop down list of car types, followed by a tick box list...
  7. K

    extracting phone numbers-web info merging in excel

    I was wondering if it was possible to extract contact info from website and merge to a excel sheet. Now I have researched and played around with it and I found I can go to excel/data/import external data/new web query and I can merge a messed up group of info into couple cells, after deleting...
  8. Goldfield

    Data or Formula in Same cell

    Hi everybody I have two cells A1: Birthday) and A2: Age) Using VBA I want A2 to display the age if i type the birthday in A1 using a formula like this one...
  9. K

    mass data entry ?

    Ok, I think I am looking at this the wrong way, so I need some guidance from the more knowledgeable. I created a data collection workbook. Page 1 of the workbook is data entry, where a data entry person can enter about 50 cells of information. This data then fills in several formulas, and...

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