data extraction

  1. E

    Extract cell content into separate columns

    I've got a data set of 6,133 rows with cells of dates in the following format: Cell A1: Status A-2022-02-03; Status B-2022-03-11; Status C-2021-09-10 This is an example of the content in a given cell and I want to separate the statuses and their respective dates into separate columns (by using...
  2. V

    Request for help - VBA Script to automate data transfer from Survey Raw File to another Excel File in a specific format.

    Hi friends, First of all, I am not an Excel expert at all. I have around 25 survey data files (Excel) - each with 6-8 survey respondents. I would like to get all these data transferred to another Excel file (pre-formatted) so that I can get a agenda file for the meeting. I would like make a...
  3. M

    VBA to extract data from several data files - Bank Deposit Analysis

    I prepare a weekly deposit analysis for 80 locations and we are growing rapidly. I pull POS data from 2 sources and bank data from 18 bank accounts. 1. Deposit Analysis Workbook: This workbook has a tab for each location where all the data is consolidated 2. QOS POS data file: csv file that...
  4. NordicWalker

    Removing Duplicates Based on Date

    I'm new at this, so if I don't explain my problem correctly, please don't shout :cool: Column A = date Column B = name (sometimes multiple occurrences / date) >5000 rows I want it to show ONE occurrence of each name per date. 1) Does that make sense? 2) Can it be done? Cheers ~Phil
  5. A

    Extract unique values from disjoint columns

    Hi, I am new to VBA in excel and would request your help to solve my problem. I am currently working on a problem which involves extracting unique string values from 14 disjoint columns in excel. Each column in my data has around 500 string values with few blank cells in between. The 14 columns...
  6. ChrisRamsden

    Loop extracting all data but then causing runtime error 13 (Type Mismatch)

    Hi Everyone, I am a brand new member, although i have been using MrExcel for tips and information for a few years now. I am currently writing an excel macro to pull data from another workbook by finding the number 4 and using offset to pick the cells i want to copy and paste. The macro is...
  7. S

    VBA to extract values from multiple spreadsheets into one

    Hi, I have 30 files in the same folder (P3/2014/PPD Data) one for each month (last 30 months). Each file has approx 6000 rows of data with prices for the drugs for that month. I need to extract the data relating to only 5 of these drugs over the 30 months (call them drug 1, drug 2, etc). The...
  8. M

    Extract data after special characters

    I want to extract data from a cell containing this information: G# 202352, 202347 ZRX MED 4984 LT/PIR WE 218867 DUE 4/30 <tbody> G#222237/222240/222244 TUE 4911/4913/4940 PI/CFZ WE 220917 DUE 04/30 G# 202352,202347 ZRX MED 4984 LT/PIR WE 218867, 218357 DUE 4/30 <tbody> G# 202352 ZRX MED 4984...
  9. M

    VBA auto record macro change help required

    Hi, I need some help in below code. I recorded the macro and this code generated. It should save file in same format at the end that part I deleted because it asked for xlsm format so I did to get the code. What I was doing in this code is basically. 1. Filter "Pending" "Mobile" Status in...
  10. R

    Time series data

    Good day all. I’ve got a time series database for my economic data, and it generally works pretty well except I have one issue around data frequency in my queries. In short, different indicators have different release frequencies, such as daily, monthly, quarterly, annual etc. I have two...
  11. P

    Extracting data with certain "0000" characteristics

    Hi. I wish there was a way to attach a simple .xlsx file here. Just realised a pattern in my data analysis of (nearly 300 rows) BUT scratching my head how to extract all rows that have this "weird 0000s in the values in the 3 columns C D E. Column B is Details in case a vba is apt. My...
  12. V

    Need way or vba code to extract data from different excels to one single template.

    Hi am new to vba and need help on this which is very complicated for me. Is there any way like vba code where i have different fields in a template and the data can be extracted from other different excels like multiple excels or sheets by mapping the fields. please help. Hoping :)
  13. T

    Extracting Data From String in Exported Emails

    Hello, Thank you in advance for taking time to review my question. I have a list of emails exported from Outlook to a .CSV file and I am trying to extract data from the "Body" cell and paste it into corresponding cells on a different sheet. Each email contains somewhere in the body this...
  14. H

    Extract text from multiple sites on a Mac

    Hi all - first time poster, long time follower here! I have a website that contains a table with a load of links. Each link takes you to a different (non-indexable) page. I'd like to copy the body of text from each page...
  15. 1

    Code Needed for Project

    Hello everyone, I have decided to take my confusion to the forums, though I've never done this before, so I will do all that I can to make this as least painful as possible, and if I don't follow protocol exactly, I am deeply sorry- I am doing my best. I am documenting sales velocity of...
  16. S

    VBA Code to pull information from multiple pages into an Excel table

    Hi everyone, very new VBA user here. I'm trying to copy and paste information from multiple pages. So I'm looking at a site on pension schemes. There are 150 pages of schemes, with 20 or so schemes on each page. To get information from each one, you need to click the name of the scheme and...
  17. J

    Extracting data from formatted workbook

    Hello MrExcel! I discussed a similar question with a MrExcel user earlier but wanted to open this up to everyone else on these forums, too. I've got a consolidated workbook with umbrella questions, subquestions, scores, and answers, and I would like to break it up into separate sheets. I'm not...
  18. V

    VBA Excel data extracting from a website for different dates with same URL

    I need to extract website table data from this link: for different dates. The problem is that even for a different date, the URL of the website remains same as the URL for the current date, So I can not use the dynamic URL in the VBA code. I am...
  19. D

    Automatic email

    Hello Everyone i have been assigned a task in my office to send multiple email by using one button,i guess i have to write a vba code for that. I have seen few vba codes but my requirement is bit different. I need code which extract data from the worksheet and send a mail via outlook . Is it...
  20. M

    Excel extraction help

    I have a lot of data and I want to write a formula. I have four companies in my data XYZ, XY, AB and CD. as you can see in below data. Original Data sometime contains company name sometimes there is no company name in front of original data. I want to keep same original data in desired output...

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