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    Hiding Power Pivot Data Fields VBA

    I'm trying to hide certain data fields (or cube fields in this situation) with VBA. Here is my current code: Dim pt As PivotTable, cf As CubeField Set pt = Sheets("RECAP").PivotTables("Major/SubCat Pivot") With pt .ManualUpdate = True ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Major/SubCat Pivot").CubeFields...
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    VBA: Adding and Removing Pivot Data Fields

    Hi All, I am new to VBA, and am looking at ways to have pivot columns show up, based on a data validation list - so that the user can select a location in a cell, and then the pivot table updates to show only the column related to that Location. The locations are set up as columns in the...
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    VBA - Add more than 1 pivot table data fields

    Hi, I am automating a pivot table and I want more than 1 data fields. For the row fields it accepts an array: pt.AddFields RowFields:=Array("GPProject", "Department",) But it won't accept that for the data fields, below is the code for a single field pt.AddDataField...
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    Sort on Excel Pivot table data field

    I know how to sort Excel Pivot table row and column fields, but I wonder - does anyone know if it is possible to sort on a data fiekl, without copying the pivot table and pasting special values elsewhere? I suspect isn't possible - but just in case . . . Best wishes Alison
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    How to use a formula in Getpivotdata data fields

    I am trying to use the getpivotdata function in excel. I can use it to simply drag data from a pivot table in another file quite easily as below: =GETPIVOTDATA("Temperature",'[20090109.xls]Sheet1'!$B4,"Date",DATE(2009,1,9),"Hour","00") I would like to be able to make this formula more...
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    Remove all datafields incl. calculated fields in pivot table

    I'm trying to write a macro that looks up the data fields in a pivot table, and if it finds any then removes them. It works fine when there's no calcualted fields present, but if there are calculated fields present then it bombs out. I think this is because calculated fields cannot be turned off...

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