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    HELP! Excel Forms - Displaying tables in Listbox depending on Tab strip in Clicked.

    Hello, New here. I want to use a form as a data entry window for an excel sheet, so that the user need not even visit the actual sheets and just work off the form window. I have used tabs tips to label all sheets in the file. and I want to a listbox to display each sheet table depending on...
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    Data Form

    <tbody> shop name Number of sales ABCEDyefsd 25 koihjnmiyfv 30 </tbody> To fill the data in my cells I have insert "Data Form" in the Quick access toolbaar so that it is easy to do the data entry. The shop names that I need to enter is a list of few names which I need to type...
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    Search Worksheet VBA code. Assistance Needed Please!

    Hi All, Im wondering if anyone could help me please? Im relatively new to VBA after stumbling across it at work and have realised how useful it can be. I work with a lot of data, and am currently trying to create an effective management system that people will be able to use to search for...
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    Data Form: UI works; code doesn't!

    I have a sheet with a table of data -- the headings are in B10:Z10, and the data start on B11:Z11, and Data Filter is on. When I manually select cell B10 and pull down Data/Form, it works (I have no "custom form"). But if I record a macro with those two actions (select B10, open the Data...
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    The Data Form - A question

    Can I force the Data Form (built in or Walkenbachs version) when a certain tab is opened. I will also need to ensure the cursor is placed on A1 or it wont work. If so how? Martin
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    macro 'message box' versus 'data form'?

    Hi, I've got an existing macro that performans a number of calculations. At a certain point within the macro, I would like to prompt the user of the macro to enter some numerical information to be inputted into a column of a specified worksheet. Once the data are inputted, the macro would...
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    Macro Data Form changing date format

    I've done a search of the forums and have been unable to find a previous thread on this. My apologies is one already exists. I have a table of data in which two of the columns are dates. They are formatted dd/mm/yyyy as I am in UK. I locate records in the table using the topline menu...
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    Data Retrival Userform in Excel

    Hi All, I urgently need assistance. I have created an excel workbook that contains 4 worksheets. Each worksheet contains candidate data with fields such as Candidate name, ref number, location, job title etc. I am very new to this all and with the help of Google have managed to create a data...
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    list boxes in data form entry

    Does anyone know if you can be using the data form entry for "database" entry in Excel and use the listbox or combo-box feature for that. I want to do my inputting in the data form, but I want to be able to select from a list of choices. Help!

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