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  1. G

    Scatter XY Plot & Macro Help needed - adding/removing data labels

    I have an XY Scatter plot chart in Excel in which the X-axis represents sales dollars and the Y-axis represents profit margin. I have several thousand data points, but I need to be able to only look at sub-sets of this data which I have by adding a filter to my data in a different tab in Excel...
  2. D

    Area Chart Data Label

    I have a 100% Stacked Area Chart in Excel and I would like to label each area instead of using a legend. When I turn on the Data Labels it defaults to show the values and when I go to "More Data Label Options..." and select "Series Name" it only applies to one Series at a time. I would also like...
  3. A

    Excel 2010- scattergraphs- data labels

    Help!! I have plotted the age vs number of siblings in a scattergraph. If I then hover over the bottom point, it gives me the value (2,1). Is there any way I can get it to show the name "George" instead? Much appreciated! <tbody> Name Age Number of siblings John 12 4 James 7 2...
  4. TinaP

    show every other data label

    Is it possible to show every other data label as well as the final data label without manually deleting them? I have a chart with a number of data points and when I show all of the data labels, they overwrite each other. It's not necessary to see every one, but I need some data labels at...
  5. P

    Data Labels

    I am getting an error "Unable to get Points property of Series Class" while assigning data labels using code. The code runs correctly for few cases and then suddenly throws an error. " ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Points(counter).HasDataLabel = _ True...
  6. T

    Help with Macro to Change Fonts

    I have a macro that goes through each sheet and changes the worksheet font and the font on any graphs to be Arial. I have data labels on a couple of the graphs and some of them are bolded, italicized, or a different color. When I run the macro, it loses any formatting I had. Does anyone know how...
  7. T

    Macro to Autofit Data Labels on Scatterplot

    Tried searching the forums, but couldn't find anything. I have an XY scatterplot of data with data labels in excel 2010. The problem is that the data lables tend to overlap each other or they'll appear right on the data point and I end up spending excessive amounts of time formatting them...
  8. A

    Data labels only for positive values

    Hi, I am dealing with a lot of charts where I want the data labels to be visible only for the points with a positive values attached to them (otherwise the chart looks very clobbered). Can anyone help me with this? Any solution (VBA or otherwise) will be of great help! Thanks in advance
  9. B

    Stacked column with % in columns but actual value in y-axis

    Excel 2007: I have a stacked column chart with 2 numbers. I want to display the % total in the columns data labels but still have the actual numbers showing as the y-axis. Any way to do this without having to create dummy data & a secondary y-axis? Data example: Hosp Data1 Data 2 A 10 15 B 25...
  10. M

    Tricky (?) data labels position problem

    I want the default position of the data labels of the first series in my BarStacked100 chart to be in the center, i.e.: "DataLabelCenter". However, when the position of centered data labels is more to the left than it would be if I used "DataLabelInsideBase", then i would like like them to be...
  11. B

    Multiple Data Labels on a Pie Chart

    Hello All, So I have a table with 8 rows and 3 columns. This table includes: Column 1 - shipment name Column 2 - shipment cost Column 3 - shipment weight I have created a pie chart from this table, which covers the first two columns. Displayed next to each slice is a label with the...
  12. F

    Format data labels in Excel chart automatically as I add data

    Some background: I have 40 individual data points that I am plotting on a scatter plot in excel. As I add them, I am having to go, each time, and update the format of the data labels. What i need is only a label and no data point or line to appear on the scatter plot. I want it to have a...
  13. L

    Office 2010 - Stacked Column Totals Legend Issue

    I needed to add data labels containing the totals for a stacked column bar graph. I used both the line chart strategy and the x-y chart strategy. Both gave me totals. The problem now is that my legend reveals a third series which I do not want to show up. I do, however, want the other 2 series...
  14. T

    Conditional Format Chart Data Labels

    Hi all, I have a bar chart that feeds off a table that has a drop down option to either show the actual numbers, dollars or percentage. I'd like to have the data labels in the chart change their number format depending on the table format (either general number, $ or %). But I'm stuck- any...
  15. L

    Pivot Chart Data Labels Disappear

    I have a pivot stacked chart with data labels. When the pivot table is updated, the data labels disappear. Any suggestions? (Thanks, in advance, for your help)
  16. T

    Chart- Dynamic Data Labels Multiple events

    Hi, I have a simple line graph created from 2 columns of data: Date (x) and Count (Y). I want to place data labels that will call out an event for a particular day. So for 08-01-10: It could have one or more different data labels of an event for the corresponding (Y)-data. The data...
  17. R

    Last data label with label + text

    Hi, Not sure this can be done, but if anyone can find out it is probably you. :) I have a line graph with the monthly results of a company. I have used an offset-formula for the graph, so that when the users update the dropdown menu in the workbook to the current month the line graph will...
  18. M

    Bubble Charts Help PLEASE

    I have created a bubble chart with three different inputs. Country Name, Ease of Doing Business Rank, 2009-2014 Avg. Projected Real GDP Growth and have created a bubble chart from this data. I have created them in a single series and would like to get the country name to appear as a data...

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