data model

  1. K

    How best to synch data model among Excel, Power BI Desktop, and Server

    I need advice on the best general approach to creating, maintaining, and synchronizing a shared data model across multiple platforms: Excel with Power Pivot/Query, Power BI, and Power BI Desktop. Most source data are from an ERP cloud (CostPoint), so much of the model is implicitly defined...
  2. M

    Multiple Pivot Charts With Linked Filter

    I have 3 pivot charts each with their own data source. The tables are all set up the exact same way. They have the exact same layout, just different numbers whether it's referencing a 6 month, 12 month, or 2 year projection. What I am trying to accomplish is I have all 3 pivot charts displayed...
  3. C

    Identify what Data model to use for Load Allocation & Planning in SCM Logistics

    hi folks, I am trying to solve trailer load allocation planning.This would have been easier if i had w*h*d in my data set, but i have a combination of products for a particular trailer type.And i have multiple dealers/destination spreaded across the region. Have attached below a scenario which...
  4. R

    Query from CSV : Couldn't get data from data model, how come?

    Hi, can you help me to established this query? i don't know what i'm doing wrong. i only use only create connection & add this data to data model. this since i'll going with millions of datas here's my data looks : remarks column : will be filled either blanks or with text/string Date...
  5. H

    Calculated Fields Greyed out in Pivot Table with Data Model

    I watched the YouTube Video - Budget vs. Actual - Podcast 2016 where a data model is used to compare an actuals table to a pivot table, by using intermediary "Joiner tables." It's a great solution! I am trying to expand the idea by introducing a calculated column for the difference between...
  6. C

    Need to compare value of a column to a querie , but it exceeded the number of rows

    Hello, Daily i need to check if a number of values exists in a database. That database if available through a link, which i imported to excel to a querie and then to a worksheet. The problem is, now the report exceeded the number of lines in excel and i can't accurately verify if those numbers...
  7. H

    Microsoft Query > Power BI

    Hi all, Hope all is well Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have recently started with Power BI, previously relying on Microsoft Query to pull data into Excel to manipulate. Looking for any guidance to getting Power BI set up to replace / refresh Microsoft Queries. In principle I...
  8. M

    Using Excel 2016 Data Model to create a relational database instead of Access

    I recently stumbled across the Data Model tools in Excel 2016 and want to know if I can use it to create a relational database structure in Excel with the data tables setup on the tabs of an Excel workbook. Can anyone point me to a tutorial, textbook or, better yet, an example database that...
  9. F

    Date Group in Data model Pivot Table

    there is Date field in the table, when I am making its pivot table with data model, in this pivot, "group" option on date is disable. I really want to group dates on month,, can anybody help?
  10. C

    Alternative to Distinct Count in Pivot Tables?

    Good Morning, There is a user who has the Mac version of Excel which doesn't include the option for Distinct Count in Pivot Tables. Is there an alternative method to get the same result? Many thanks in advance
  11. Bagharmin

    Referencing a 'virtual' table

    How do I reference a table ("QA_Full") that exists solely in the data model and not on any worksheet? I know how to do it when the table is on a sheet (i.e., Set MyTable = Worksheets("Sheet1").ListObjects("QA_Full")), but how do I accomplish the same thing when the table only exists in the data...
  12. J

    Share PowerPivot Data Model with another Workbook - Excel 2016 Professional Plus

    Hi - I'm currently using Excel 2016 Professional Plus. I have a workbook that contains a large data model. I have 20+ reports I need to create and this data model will be used as the repository that supplies all the information for those 20+ reports. However, every site/blog I read (granted...
  13. O

    !! Data Model Lost Connection to Workbook !! Time Sensitive Request !!

    Normally I search a long time before posting but I have to get to a meeting and if I cannot get this answered now (4pm EST on a Friday afternoon), I cannot finish work planned for this weekend. I would DEEPLY appreciate any help! The research I've found looks like there is no solution from...
  14. H

    Add Calculated Field/Formula to Pivot Table referenced as a Data Model

    Afternoon, I have a pivot table references multiple tables (when creating the pivot table, i chose "add this data to the Data Model"). I have the relationships I need created, but when I go to select calculations to enter a formula and it's grayed out. I have sales data based of months, and...
  15. B

    Add columns to data source (sheet within workbook)

    Hi Everyone, Here's a scenario: I have a spreadsheet of data which I select then click "Insert Pivot Table" and check off the box "Add to Data Model". The result is that I have a new sheet with a pivot table, and a sheet with the source data. I need to add new columns to the source data, so I...
  16. T

    Excel 2016 - Pivot Table Filter Troubleshooting

    I am working with an involved PowerPivot data model in Excel 2010. This model has multiple sources of data and numerous pivot tables. Some of the people on the distribution list use Excel 2016 so to make their lives easier, I am providing a "pre-upgraded" workbook for Excel 2016 for them. I...
  17. T

    Excel 2016 - Pivot Table Filter Troubleshooting

    I am working with an involved PowerPivot data model in Excel 2010. This model has multiple sources of data and numerous pivot tables. Some of the people on the distribution list use Excel 2016 so to make their lives easier, I am providing a "pre-upgraded" workbook for Excel 2016 for them. I...
  18. J

    Data Model updates

    I have about 100,000 row model running in Excel 2016 Pro Plus. Have established a data model with two tables and recently created a Pivot Table from the data model. I needed to filter one of the columns and went back into the Manage PP screen. I was able to successfully filter the column in...
  19. J

    calculated measure vs formula?

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to use a calculated measure as part of an equation for another calculated measure... Basically I'm trying to create a calculated measure to calculate the Coefficient of Dispersion (COD). Excel 2016 has this formula built in, but I'm trying to create it in my...
  20. S

    Error message can't find the data model.

    Hi I was doing a lot of cleaning up and fixing in my major excel workbook. In the process i now get and error message can't find the data model. But i don't know where this comes from. Is there a way to track it down? Thanks

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