data valiadation

  1. S

    Error in Data Validation List using Offset Function in Excel || (the source currently evaluates to an error)

    i used following formula to extract unique values from a list- =IFERROR(INDEX(Table_AMIS[UPLIFTDATE],MATCH(0,INDEX(COUNTIF($AH$1:AH1,Table_AMIS[UPLIFTDATE]),),0)),"") Now in order to create a drop down list from the above distinct list i put the following formula in data validation field...
  2. S

    Help with duplicates on Excel 2019 - Mac

    Hello, I am trying to compile a simple list of select student/ class scores derived from a master sheet that contains all the scores of all the students. So, the master sheet would contain the Following headers starting from Cell A1 - Student Name, Subject, Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3, Final...
  3. M

    Data validation, formula difficulties

    Hello again, helpful Excel-masters Because of this Corona-thing going around all of our employees have been asked to work form home for the foreseeable future. One issue we have is that we have to limit how many employees are on break at any given time, which is easily done when they're all in...
  4. S

    Data Validation Problem

    I'm trying to create a form, but I'm facing some challenges. Registration Number should start with an R and have max of 13 characters e.g R1234567891234. I was able to use custom data validation =EXACT(LEFT(D5,2), "R-") to enforce it starting with R but not for character length. Then I want...
  5. A

    Data Validation List based on Cell Value

    I have a table in which currency in A and values in B <tbody> CAD 2 USD 13 AUD 15 CAD 5 CAD 11 </tbody> I enter text CAD in C1 and make data validation list in D1. Based on text in C1 data validation only shows the value against CAD. like image attached.
  6. L

    Dynamic DATA validation list

    I want to make a dynamic DATA validation list that changes the list every time a cell changes it value, i.e. if A1="category" then make the drop down list tag name "categories," if A1="month" then make the drop down list tag name "months" etc... here's my formula which works great except for the...
  7. E

    Highlight cells that contain data validation

    Hi Excel gurus! I was just wondering if there's a way of highlighting cells that contain data validation? I have a spreadsheet that has random data validations across each row, I was wondering if it's at all possible to highlight these cells (that contain a data validation drop down) in yellow...
  8. J

    Custom Data Validation Help

    Hi, I am trying to create a custom data validation and I need some help with the formula syntax. In my spreadsheet Column B has a drop down that says "Refund" and "Charge". I want to create the custom data validation in Column D to limit the number of characters in the cell so that any line...
  9. P

    Creating Dynamic Ranges For Data Validation

    Hello All, Thank you for viewing this message, I hope you can find a better solution for this issue. Background: I have to create a schedule that has a data validation list for a specific jobs. My spreadsheet is divided into 3 tabs. The first is a list called Crews that will break out all...
  10. J

    pop up box if cell >90%

    Hi I am trying to figure out how to make this work. In column "F" starting at row 5 the managers enter a sale price for an item. In Column "I" I have a formula that is put in by a macro that will tell them the % of discount they are giving. they click on a button and the macro runs and pull a...
  11. J

    Excel Help in relating to Name manager Data validation Match & Indirect for restricting entering wrong values.

    Hello I defined a name range for certain values & using the named range in Data validation. So that I can enter only those values which are associated with that value. I have Two sheets DATA & RAW DATA In RAW DATA sheet in Column B & C I am entering values manually which are linked with...
  12. K

    Mixed reference/string options in Data Validation dropdown list?

    Hello, I am trying to create a dropdown list of options with data validation, but combining strings and cell references as follows: Data Validation Source: "ALL",B2:B8,"Other" Unfortunately this just gives me a dropdown list with the following options: "ALL" B2:B8 (with "B2:B8" given...
  13. J

    Data Validation on InputBox

    I would like to only allow the user to enter a date in the inputbox in the format of 'mm-dd-yyyy'. If they do not I want to send msgbox. Here is what I have, just am unsure of how to get the validation. Sub Populate_Date()On Error GoTo NotValidInput Dim myvalue As Date myvalue = InputBox("Enter...
  14. C

    Large Dependent Data Validation, 1 Range, Multiple Values

    Hello All, I have UTFSE however i really am having difficulty explaining this issue so please bear with me. I have a list of products and its used for Data Validation, the idea is i can just select the product name, the next step is to be offered a list that will only show me the relevant...
  15. B

    Options In Drop Down Menu Based On Value in another Cell

    Hi Guys, I currently have an order sheet for multiple customers. The AC Number goes into Sheet1 C2 and you select the product type from a drop down list in C3(the information for the list is on sheet 2 H2:H6 . ) my problem is that no matter which ac number goes into c2 you can still see all...
  16. M

    Excel Application Calculates before checking Data Validation

    Is there a way to stop excel from calculating BEFORE it runs the data entered through data validation rules? I don't want users to see a mess on the screen. I have an excel sheet with various data validated cells. Excel is correctly throwing the Stop Error alert when incorrect data is entered...
  17. I

    Dependent Data Validation with Large List

    Hi all, I have a bunch of information copied from the internet in a nice structured table. I am trying to create a separate table that a user can make selections using data validation drop downs. These drop downs will be dependent on what the user has selected previously. I have done...
  18. K

    Data Validation to only allow a 8 digit HEX value on several cells.

    Hello, I'm trying to use data validation to validate if the user provides a 8 digit HEX value. In example data validation in cell K2: Allow: Custom Formula: =AND(LEN(K2)= 8;ISNUMBER(HEX2DEC(K2))) This works but I can't manage to replace the formula with ROW() in order to use it for all my...
  19. E

    If statement Problem Choosing right cell to multiply if given criteria meet.

    Hi, I have three branches. Each start operation in different month Say Jan, Feb , March. Monthly Sales of each branch is 15000. When a new branch start operation it follows a predefined revenue percentage pattern. E.g. 10% in first month 20% in second 30% in third and so on and eventually...
  20. S

    Data Validation in reset cell saved as PDF

    Let me start by sating I'm fairly versed in Excel, and have been trying to figure this out and searching for an answer for almost a week,:confused: so any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated! I found these two codes (the top two) in the forums, but can't seem to get it to work while saving...

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