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    Variable Data Validation List Based on Cell Value

    Data Set:Sheet1 (Table 'Alpha' on Sheet1!A1:B200) -ColumnA: Employee_Name (sorted A-Z) -ColumnB: Qualification_Code (01A, 01B, ..., 01Z) (Each employee has a single Code, but multiple employees have the same Code) Sheet2 (Sheet2!A1:C100) -ColumnA: Position_Title -ColumnB: Position_Code (01A...
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    Cascading Data Validation List based on Multiple Conditions

    I have a table with the following columns: Account, Sub, and Split. I'm trying to create cascading data validation lists where you first select the Account, then the Sub, and finally the Split. So in the table below if I chose Account = 501650, then Sub = 00-240, the third Split list should...
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    Always Show drop down list Of Data Validation List

    Hey everyone! Is there a way to always show drop the down list Of data validation list?
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    Advanced dropdown - multiple words

    I'm having difficulty in creating a drop down menu thats dependant on the 1st drop down. For example, I have a list of product lines, Regulatory Compliance, Anti-Fraud, Financial Custom, Financial Control. I have a separate list of the items that relate to Regulatory Compliance, Anti-Fraud...
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    Formulas in data validation range causing blanks

    I have a workbook where users can input job titles in two different ranges (A2:A6 & A8:A12). Only one range would be filled at a time, but I want to use one data validation list for both ranges without blanks showing up within the list. The problem is if I use formulas to generate the range for...
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    Data Valadate and vlookup/offset/Index help

    What I have: Sheet 1 has a list of tank_id's (no duplicates) called "Details" (Columns are Tank_id, Tank_Name, Nation, Turret, TArmor_front, TArmor_rear, TView_range..). Sheet 2 has a list of Turrets and the specifications called "Turrets". (Columns are: Tank_id, Turret_id, Turret_Name...
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    data_validation_list reset on excel start up

    Hello, I am looking for a way to reset all my dropdown lists in a workbook to their top choice. Right now I found the following code, but it is for a certain sheet only, whereas I want all sheets with a dropdown to do this. plus I want this to only work when the sheet is opened automatically...
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    Consolidate function for result of VLOOKUP

    I am using EXCEL 2013 and am trying to find out if there is a way to auto-update the consolidate function. I am using a vlookup based on a data validation and would like to consolidate the result automatically when the value in the validation cell changes. I can't post the worksheet here for...
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    Data validation drop-down list

    I created a drop-down list with different fruit names and I want the user to be able to type in the first couple letters of the fruit name and have it auto-populate. For example, if the user types in "ap", the word apple would automatically appear. Is there a setting within the data validation...
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    Data validation for drop down

    I have a excel sheet and i have created a data validation function. Its a conditional dropdown but I can not input my equation in data validation field. Its says too many arguments. My equation is =IF(A4="Capital",'New List'!$C$2:$C$42,IF(A4="Pier Caps",'New...
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    Trying to use Indirect and offset in a data validation

    Hi, When I use inside a data validation (list) the expression: Offset('Sheet1'!$E$1,0,0,COUNTA('Sheet1'!E:E),1) I get the correct list. I also have that expression as a text in the cell A1. When I write the expression in the data validation (list) =INDIRECT(A1) I get an error and no list is...
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    Data Validation and Index Match

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to create a data entry worksheet that includes a data validation list based on Index/Match values from our Purchase Order Table. I have used data validation to create a drop down list for the PO, and I am trying to create a second drop down list based on matching...
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    Filter With Data Valadation

    Hi All, Losing my marbles with this now.....:(:confused:. I have been trying to work out a way to filter on Data Validation. I:E On one sheet I have all my data and the separated by 5 different categories. <tbody> Cat sub Cat Price Pack Size Colour A 1 5 12 red B 2 10 12 blue C 3 7 45...
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    Using Named Ranges in Worksheet_Change

    Hi all, This is my first time posting a thread but a few years following yours. I have the following code which I can't make it work. It works when its refer to a single cell but it does't works when I use a named range. I have a named range "TGCEne" in the active worksheets with data...
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    Apply Filter on Data Validation List based on row value

    HI I have two Columns <tbody> Data Products ON Product 1 OFF Product 2 ON Product 3 </tbody> I want to populate a data Validation list which has the values where Data=ON Please help.
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    Conditional Data Validation - Lists

    Hello - I am looking for a way for my drop-down list to only display certain options based on a drop-down of another area. Essentially, I am looking at a Function vs. Subfunction. I want my data to be tied firstly to the function drop-down. Let's take for example: Function (and sub-functions...
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    Lookup all possible surnames based on first name in another cell - for DV list

    I have a table containing education assessment data and need to use the data to analyse a child's data on another worksheet. So far I have set up 3 drop down boxes that contain 'First Name', 'Surname', 'Class'. I have set up these to look at the fields in the table but I would like it so that...
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    VBA Code For Changing Tab Color Based On Cell Values In Drop Down List

    I am trying to change the color of a tab based on the cell value in B5. B5 is a drop down list using data validation that contains four entries: "Flow Rack" , "Workstation" , "Machine Guarding" , and "Other (custom)". A tab is named after each one of these as well. If someone selects...
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    AutoComplete From a List

    I have a list on a separate sheet that I am wanting one particular cell to autocomplete from. I have searched for quite some time on a resolution to the issue. I have even placed the list above the cells I am working with, and then hiding them, but after I am finished with my current task I...
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    Data validation list and Vlookup in VBA, to input, on cell change, if/vlookup formula referencing cell that was changed

    Dear Excel Guru’s I’m struggling with one of my last tryouts in Excel Macros. I would like to have in my sheet combination of Data validation list & Vlookup. But I want to have it in Macro, so user won’t be able to see formulas, delete, edit etc.. I succeed with stand-alone Macro (what was...

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