1. G

    Alternate method to store data for use in any sub - Arrays don't work for this

    My original idea was to load an array (4D) with lots of data then call up the array as a variable and have it spit out the values that I want when I need them in other subs and/or in other modules. I haven't had any luck by searching the web, posting here or etc. The best advice I got was...
  2. Saher Naji

    Auto-Fill values (2)

    Hello O great and smart people actually I posted a similar thread before some days, and Mr. @alansidman graciously did a great help and his code is working very well, 100% and this is the post link for the solved problem:
  3. K

    Pull Prices from sheet to another

    Hi all, I have a Price list on a data sheet where if the quantity to order is between 1-5 then theirs is a fixed price. Is there a macro where once for example 2 qty is selected the price for 1-5 is pulled into the quote sheet?
  4. B

    Place several groups of cells beneath each other

    Hi I have to make a summary of the different times it takes to add a certain product. Right now all the values I have are sorted by date and every date has all the steps. () I would like to put all the steps that are the same underneath each other so I can make a scatter plot. Is it possible...
  5. B

    Sunmarize list

    Hello, I need help summarize list on people ordering which items. I currently have 50 lists of items and more than 100 people. I’ve done most of the part but it’d be nice if I can show which person order which item and how many in a different sheet. Please do help me.Thank you
  6. M

    Copying Data and Graphs - Graph data is staying linked to the copy source rather than the paste data

    Hi All, I have a series of data that is linked dynamically to a cell in a drop down - Cell A1 is the drop down cell. The resultant data is then used to create a series of Excel Graphs. Both the data and graphs run from Row 1 thru 40. I copy this data, from column 1 thru 40, to row 41 thru 80...
  7. P

    Quicker way to process more than one row using Index Match

    Hi, I have the below base data that I want to split in to individual sheets. So that each ID has its own sheet. ID heading is in cell A1 ID Name Detail Date 1A Joe Arm procedure 24-Mar 2A David Leg procedure 12-Feb 3A Sarah Shoulder injection 01-Apr 1B Hannah Knee Pain 03-Feb 2B...
  8. L

    VBA to gather data

    Hi, I have a folder of CSV files downloaded from yahoo finance and I have written code to get data from each of them. It took a long time and is a lengthy process if I want to add another 5-10 files. The code is below. The first block is some preliminary set up then the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are...
  9. Emanuele

    Modify VBA Consolidating data adding transpose option and removing the delete option

    Hi, everybody, I'm new to the VBA script. I'm trying to use a script in VBA that is working but I would like to modify it so that I get the files, taken from rows, in the same columns. Also I would like to know if it's possible to avoid deleting the created worksheet every time, but simply do an...
  10. D

    Unable to paste in tables

    Hello, I have a large table inside Excel (J1:BZ4597) The data is in an actual Table (it is not just a range of data) (if you click anywhere in the table the Table Tools tab appears in the top ribbon). Even though it is a large table I have never had issues before now. All of the sudden I am...
  11. K

    Possible to pull data from a website to show count of unread faxes?

    Hello, I am looking to see if it is possible to pull data into google sheets (or excel) directly from a website to show a live count of how many unread items there are. This is for a business where we receive faxes through a system called SRFax. My best guess for something like this would be...
  12. F

    Pivot Table - Dynamic Data Source range change via VBA

    Hi all, Currently, I am working on the project with 7 different pivot tables stored on 7 seperate work sheets and the main sheet where i keep data extract. So I decided to use VBA that every time when I update my data extract to automate this process with the help of macros and VBA. I could...
  13. M

    Power Query - Unstack data

    Hi MrExcel Community, I am facing a new unstacking data challenge. 🤔 Context I have a bunch of Property Names, two Attributes which are stacked together in the following order: (1) a date (in a text format) and (2) a percentage change and their Values. Target Here is that table format I am...
  14. D

    Userform with listbox and checkboxes

    Hello! I am trying to create a user form that makes a user select a name from a Listbox and two options from checkboxes and returns the average of "days" and "amount" for that name selected from the listbox . I'm new to VBA and having trouble setting up the code to do so. Does anyone have any...
  15. S

    Comparison between two data tables

    Hi I need a vba code which could compare 2 worksheets which has data in different sort order The data tables have no primary key and I need help in identifying how this can be compared to identify differences by reducing manual effort Once the data is compared between 2 worksheets, the code...
  16. G

    Data best fit?

    Hi all, If I have a range of numbers to 2 decimal places in column A, for example from -2.52 to 3.84 with intervals that are not the same -2.52, -2.49, -2.48, -2,42, -2.42, -2.41, -2.38....... 3.65, 3.69, 3.70, 3.80. In column B the number in the cell adjacent to -2.52 is 20 The number is the...
  17. T

    Calculation including two cells if both have data or one

    I need to create a spreadsheet to calculate the total of two or three cells depending on whether just two or all three contain data. A3 contains an amount of money B3 contains a number from 1-12 C3 contains another amount of money (if input) The total in D3 will either be A3*B3 or A3*B3+C3...
  18. N

    Dynamic Reporting Calendar in Excel

    <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: rgb(255,255,255);border: 1px solid;border-collapse: collapse; border-color: rgb(187,187,187)"><colgroup><col width="25px" style="background-color: rgb(218,231,245)" /><col /><col /><col /><col /><col /><col /><col...
  19. D

    Using IPhreeqc in Excel

    I can't get excel to do what I want after creating this VBA script: Sub sbCopyRangeToAnotherSheet() LastColumn = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Columns(ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Columns.Count).Columns For n = 63 To 63 For i = n To n Worksheets("Data").Activate...
  20. G

    Data Validation

    Hello all, Trying to add multiple data validations for a cell and having hard time getting conditions to work. Restrictions are numbers between 0 and 100 or just the text value of x. Any suggestions would be great! thanks!

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