1. L

    Move Data If Sheets Match

    I need a formula to move data when column Matches I want to place a formula in a Sheet1 thats if Column D in Shet1 matches Column D in Sheet2 move the data from from shee2 for headers that match
  2. M

    Round up time by quarter of the hour in VBA

    Hello The macro below works well for converting military time to regular time and adjusts the one difference in timezone. I would like to round up the outputted time by quarter of the hour as I am currently doing it manually after running the macro using the MROUND function. Ex 05:20=05:30 &...
  3. P

    Import data from excel and update in browser

    I have two columns in an excel file A - contains the web link B - contains the data to be updated in opened browser as per A. While opening in the web browser (1 as per image) there is drop down option comes at a particular section (2 as per image) > select an option > it will open up...
  4. F

    Code will not copy full list

    Hi The Code below looks at a dynamic list of information in a worksheet "Teams & Runners Data Form Entry" and should copy all the information in Columns B:E and paste it into the sheet "Team List" columns A:D. However! It currently only copies 10 of the 18 rows in the "Teams & Runners Data...
  5. R

    Declaring variable types within an array

    I have an array with a mix of data types (strings, dates, integers, etc...). When I use the watch window for debugging, some date values show up as dates, but others as a real number (which isn't very helpful). Not sure how that happens, but that question is for another time. In the...
  6. T

    Pivot Tables with multiple data tables

    I need to create a pivot table that references two data tables -- Budget table and an Actual Table. They are on separate worksheets, but how do I reference both data sheets? Thank you, Tom
  7. G

    Double Match and Index

    I have a formula that uses a match and index function to display the correct data. I have a dropdown list of values in cell ("B3"). The formula finds the matching value of cell ("B3") on sheet ("Competitor Comparison Data") which allows me display different sets of data, depending on what value...
  8. P

    Rota creation

    Hi, I have the data as below which shows personel availability for 5/1/2020, I would like to create a column with concurrent data for personnel that do not have status as "Away" <table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: rgb(255,255,255);border: 1px solid;border-collapse...
  9. J

    VBA Copy & Paste Data Loop

    Hello, I am looking for VB code to copy data from one sheet, and paste it onto another sheet in a different format. Here is the current format: <colgroup><col width="70" style="width: 53pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2560;"> <col width="88" style="width: 66pt...
  10. M

    CopyPaste data from multiple excel files

    Hi Team, I need a macro to Copy and Paste (values) data from multiple excel files to Common Excel file. I have below files which need to get pasted in Main.xlsx file I have a New file called CopyPaste where I will update the file names and range details of copy and paste as below...
  11. J

    Using the AVERAGE function with IF.

    Hi, I have a lot of data in Column I, which relates to %'s. In Column F, I have data relating to the amount of times a participant took part in a race. I want to do an average of Column I. So normally I'd just put in =AVERAGE(I:I). However, I only want to get an AVERAGE of people who have...
  12. S

    Mail merge multiple data rows to one email address

    <tbody> Email Data 1 2 A B </tbody> Hi guys is there a way that I can mail merge 1 email with several rows of data, instead on several emails with 1 row of data? desired result - Ste recieves 1 email which states...
  13. S

    Formatting Inconsistent Source Data

    I'm trying to solve a problem to automate the formatting of some inconsistent source data we download daily for a partner. The source data is formatted like below. For the all lines we need to pull data into a simplified table. Ex. first line we need to pull the invoice # (11753195), Vendor...
  14. glfiedler

    VBA intellisense data

    I dimensioned a variable as Dim rowS without thinking. I have been coding for decades so I know using "rowS" as a variable is, of course, a bad idea even thought the vba editor is smart enough to take context into account and keeps running smoothly. As soon as I realized my mistake I deleted...
  15. S

    Macro using Lrow

    Hi all, I have a data in sheet called 'Request' that I need selecting in A:C range until it ends and pasting below existing data in 'Requested' sheet. I'm trying to write this withLrow = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row, but have no luck. Any ideas?
  16. M

    Strange Clipboard behavior After Macro Ends

    After I run an Excel macro that I have created, if I go to do another task, like copy data from a program like Showcase Query to a new Excel workbook, instead of pasting the data as individual columns into individual cells, the data pastes as non-delimited data. I am assuming that this has...
  17. Dan Wilson

    Locking cells containing formulas

    Good day. I am running Excel 2013 out of Office 365 on Windows 10 Home. I have created a rather extensive workbook containing seven worksheets and twenty Macros. Each worksheet has cells that allow the user to enter data. The other cells contain formulas. I want to make this workbook...
  18. R

    Separating multiple email addresses and names in Excel

    Hi, I need help with an Excel sheet. I have a list of users names and email addresses along with other data columns. Some of the Name and email cells contain multiple names and corresponing email address. I want to have these moved to their own row with all the other row/column data duplicated...
  19. W

    Custom Data Validation

    Hello all, I am trying (and failing) to implement a custom data validation to prevent issues during data entry. I need to permit the following example formats: 4.1 4.2.1 I can get the '4.1' level working easily enough (as it's seen as a number with decimal), however once I start...
  20. D

    possible to copy filtered data into one cell?

    I have filtered data wb1.Sheets(1).Range("F2:F" & Cells(Rows.Count, "F").End(xlUp).Row).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Copy and want to copy it to a single cell on the target worksheet wb.Sheets(1).Range("W" & i).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues I thought this would do it, but...

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